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When all else fails...

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Today’s post in yet another tribute to ‘saving your work’. I just accidentally kicked the ‘reboot’ button on the computer and an hour’s worth of work just went down the dumper.

Hope you enjoy this second effort better!

Often, immediately after bitching about something, that topic will inexplicably surge back into the headlines, albeit, wearing a disguise.

It’s the old ‘speaking of shit’ phenomenon

Anyway, hopefully the topic of Egypt isn’t so old that most of you have forgotten what the fuss was all about in the first place.

Anyone paying attention probably noticed that whatever the Egyptians were rioting about, they certainly didn’t get anything they were after.

The ‘president’ (if you can call the only guy on the ballot that.) Handed power over to the guy who ran the military and screwed…with billions in US ‘foreign aid’ sticking out of his pockets.

Only the Western purveyors of ‘happy talk’ could spin this into a ‘positive outcome’.

So what do today’s headlines tell us?

When all else fails drag religion onto it (read the caption below the photo.)

Newspapers brim with other episodes: the Muslim-Christian riot that raged last weekend with the police on the scene, leaving 12 dead and two churches in flames; a kidnapping for ransom of a grandniece of President Anwar el-Sadat; soccer fans who crashed a field and mauled an opposing team as the police disappeared; a mob attack in an upscale suburb, Maadi, that hospitalized a traffic police officer; and the abduction of another officer by Bedouin tribes in the Sinai.

“Things are actually going from bad to worse,” said Mohamed ElBaradei, the former international atomic energy official, now a presidential candidate. “Where have the police and military gone?”

The answer, in part, is the revolution’s legacy. Public fury at police abuses helped set off the protests, which destroyed many police stations. Now police officers who knew only swagger and brute force are demoralized.

Aww, does someone need a hug?

The really telling remark in this article is provided by UN schill and presidential ‘candidate’ (more like appointee) Mr. ElBaradei.

Let us return to the photo of the rock fight in progress.

Now, how many of the combatants in the picture are simply out of uniform?

These ‘let ‘em sit in their own shit’ for a while exercises are intended to build popular support for ‘aggressive policing’ when ‘crackdown time’ returns.

The original riots were amazingly free of sectarian violence so it’s sudden reappearance can only mean one thing…US foreign policy is a ‘one trick pony’.

And if it isn’t religion, it’s ‘socialism’!

But wait, there’s more!

At Deadline, U.S. Seeks to Continue War in Libya

Under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, a president must terminate such operations 60 days after he has formally notified lawmakers about the introduction of armed forces into actual or imminent hostilities. The Libya campaign will reach that mark on May 20.

Though Congressional leaders have shown little interest in enforcing the resolution, James Steinberg, the deputy secretary of state, was asked Thursday about the deadline at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing.

He said the administration was examining the military’s “role and activities as we move through the next period of time” and would consult Congress about evaluating “what we think we can and can’t do.”

Um, bullshit like this redefines the terms ‘blind and tone deaf’. On one hand you have the Republicans screaming about deficits and taxes while ‘token’ (Bush’s third term) is working out how to get us involved in yet another quagmire!

Social Security and Medicare are ‘bankrupting’ us but damn we just have to pull out all of the stops to keep that Libyan oil flowing!

Naturally good citizen you are not supposed to see any ‘contradiction’ here.

And I know what you’re thinking…and the answer remains unchanged.

Yes, they actually DO think we are THAT stupid!

Which leads me to my (by now) worn out refrain:

And there ain’t a fucking thing we can do about it!

There’s an interesting sidebar to this article concerning the date 1973. How many of you know what happened in 1973 that culminated in the War Powers Act?

Perhaps it would be wise to ask how many of you know what the war powers act does?

It is a prime example of shock doctrine in action and just how far back it goes.

Although, to put the situation in perspective, Gerry Ford had just taken over from America’s first ‘Executive President’ who resigned for abusing his presidential authority.

Prior to the War Powers Act, only congress could ‘approve’ the commitment of US troops to military action. This prevented the president from embroiling the nation in ‘wars of choice’ without congressional approval.

What lead to the War Powers Act? The incident involving the USS Pueblo.

As you can discern from the article, the War Powers Act authorizes the president to commit US forces to action for 60 days without congressional approval.

Which sort of explains the fucked up invasion of a school in Granada when Reagan was president.

Or hell, the invasion of Panama when Bush Sr. was president!

But we digress, somewhat.

Back to the issue of what the original ‘uprising’ in Egypt was about, do you remember?

Rising Food and Gas Costs Push Up Consumer Prices

That is the ‘match’ that threatens to set civilization on fire!

Excluding volatile food and energy, prices ticked up 0.2 percent and have risen only 1.3 percent this year. That's double the gain posted six months ago, but still below the level the Federal Reserve considers a healthy pace of inflation.

The cost of new and used cars, clothing, and medical care all increased, pushing up the core index. Car prices likely increased because of temporary parts shortages caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Most other prices were subdued.

Oil prices have fallen from their peak of $114 a barrel earlier this month to about $100 Friday. The prices of corn and other grains have also declined in recent days.

Note, after ‘backing out’ the two most pronounced factors affecting prices they once again show inflation to be a ‘non-issue’.

Inflation is only a problem if you like to eat cooked food and live indoors with the lights on.

This is like having 83 million unemployed people counted as ‘not in the workforce’.

What the fuck are you counting?

If you stop and think about it, this ‘creative accounting’ happy horseshit has gotten way out of hand.

It is high time we do something about it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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