Thursday, May 12, 2011

Darling of the Conservatives

Greetings good citizen,

As I alluded to yesterday, the eventual (and unfortunately emmient) collapse of our civilization will more closely resemble a rollercoaster ride than a plane crash.

Each downward leg will be followed by brief, er, ‘recovery’ where things stumble along in a positive direction if only because of inertia.

We also can’t rule out the effects of altruism, mixed in with some downright cluelessness. There is no shortage of people who ‘drank the kool-aide’.

A few days ago, the much more astute C.K. Michaelson pointed out that the media has moved the revolts sweeping the Middle East to the back burner figuring the US audience had ‘lost interest’. (At least that’s what they hoped, I’d opine the stories disappeared because the longer they held the public’s attention, the more evidence of US ‘complicity’ in the affairs of foreign nations would continue to surface.)

Using precisely that, er, ‘interventionist’ filter, I present today’s offering

The first sign of this “reset” could come as early as next week, when Mr. Obama plans to give a speech on the Middle East in which he will seek to put Bin Laden’s death in the context of the region’s broader political transformation. The message, said one of his deputy national security advisers, Benjamin J. Rhodes, will be that “Bin Laden is the past; what’s happening in the region is the future.”

Okay, I’m not a downtrodden Arab so maybe I’m taking this the, er, ‘wrong way’.

The 'patriotic' US audience will assume the ‘future’ of the Middle East lies in the much distorted view that the uprisings (that are being brutally dealt with by the US backed regimes) are (reportedly) ‘a cry for democracy’ rather than a last ditch effort to end US backed despotic rule.

So, how do you think Mohammed in the street will interpret such a statement?

Given from where he’s standing, the ‘civil unrest’ spreading across the Middle East is in opposition to US backed despotic rule

Will the ‘blow-back’ from such an insult be used as proof that the ‘freedom loving Arabs’ are animals unfit to live without the boot of the US military pinning them to the ground?

“The spotlight is understandably always on whatever country things are going worst in,” Mr. Rhodes said. “What’s important is to step back and say, ‘The trajectory of change is in the right direction.’ ”
How do you suppose the ‘trajectory of change’ is working out for the average Egyptian? Is there a nickel’s worth of difference between the rule of a despot and the rule of a military junta?

Worse, modern technology is being used against the protestors, it is being used to track them despite the fact that following the action on your smartphone is a far cry from ‘subversive activities’.

In my humble opinion, this hardly constitutes a ‘victory’ for those seeking freedom from tyranny.

But anyway:

Still, although Bin Laden’s killing may provide a rare moment of clarity, it has less obvious implications for American strategic calculations in the region. Some administration officials argue that the heavy blow to Al Qaeda gives the United States the chance to be more forward-leaning on political change because it makes Egypt, Syria and other countries less likely to tip toward Islamic extremism.

Um, some of you may not realize this but the residents of ‘oil rich’ nations have no more success in, er, ‘negotiating’ with these global oligarchs than you or I do.

And guess who gets to decide what constitutes ‘Islamic Extremism?’

The same people it is currently impossible to dialog with.

Let us back away from the central topic of the Islamic community and have a gander at what this means for ‘candidate Obama’.

The ‘spin doctors’ are attaching an awful lot of emotional weight to the killing of (and I emphasize) AMERICA’S most wanted fugitive.

So tell me good citizen, do you honestly ‘sleep better at night’ knowing OBL is dead?

If you answer yes (after ten fucking years) I suggest you run to the nearest shrink because you have OCD and need help! (Maybe you can sue the corporate owned media for contributing to your dementia…)

This is NOT the America we were taught to believe in. The place we are sworn to protect with our lives and the lives of our children!

Worse, this is not ‘our’ America at all, this has become ‘their America’ and you are just a ‘tenant’ on their property, a tenant with no rights whatsoever!

But I digress…

What does this mean for the closeted ‘darling of the conservative movement (and current incumbent?)

Opponents to the ‘status quo’ (which is the only way to accurately describe the majority ‘non-conservative’ segment of the population, considering how both ‘progressive and democratic’ movements have been co-opted by the corporatists.)

The opponents don’t want ‘blood for oil’ nor do they desire the ‘perpetual war’ that the conservative backed global campaign of terror promises.

Which is to point out, THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS!

Bombing civilians with impunity and abducting, torturing and murdering ‘in the name of freedom’ (or worse, in OUR name!) is a mockery of the very concept of ‘Justice’.

So, do you think the worst thing to happen to politics since Nixon should be ‘re-elected’?

You’re gonna be asked that very question in 2012, what do you think your answer should be?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


In closing (actually I forgot it was here!)

Stocks Drop at Open as Oil Prices Decline Tell me true, good citizen, what does that headline say to you?

(hint: think inflation and the 'artificial' value of money.)

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