Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Extraction Process...

Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to capitalism 101 where the name of the game has become an audience that suddenly finds itself ‘captive’.

What punishment is fitting for such treasonous scum?

In a barely concealed ‘fuck you’ (made that much more ironic by the ‘who didn’t see this one coming?’ issue) this article shines a spot light on the motives of those who, er, ‘compete’ for our business.

"If you don’t like the price just try and buy it someplace else!"

The thing you need to understand is THIS WASN’T AN ‘ACCIDENT!’

First have a look at the ‘teaser’:

Chinese Exports Hit Record for April

Chinese factories appear to have passed on rising costs to buyers who are finding that they have few alternatives in other countries.

Then take a gander at what ‘few alternatives’ actually translates to:

Chinese imports rose at a slower 21.8 percent, to $144.26 billion, as government policies took effect to restrict bank lending in an attempt to control inflation. Japan accounts for about one-eighth of China’s imports, and these shipments barely increased from a year earlier, dragging down the overall total as the earthquake off northeast Japan triggered rolling electricity blackouts and parts shortages that disrupted the manufacture of cars and many other products.

Labor costs are surging by 10 to 30 percent a year in China and commodity costs are rising around the world, leading to warnings by suppliers of Western retailers that price tags will start rising globally. Many companies are searching for alternatives to manufacturing in China, but finding that nowhere else offers China’s combination of a large labor supply, world-class highways and ports and strongly pro-business policies, including a strict ban on independent labor unions that tended to hold down wages until very recently.

Every once in a while YOU, the reading public, is better served by a trip directly to ‘the well’

While it is always worth the effort, today’s offering is nothing short of extraordinary!

Once your head stops reeling allow me to direct your attention to yesterday’s post that dealt with the topic of ‘rampant mismanagement’.

If viewed through this filter, today’s SAR gains significantly!

Naturally, we are left with the issue of what to do about it?

How do we regain control of an out of control situation?

Does anyone honestly believe it is possible to ‘elect’ somebody to fix a badly broken system (that ‘some people’ don’t want fixed?)

Well, it’s not about what ‘some people’ want. It is and always has been about the ‘common good’.

Why this keeps getting out of hand is no mystery (although the perps would like you to keep thinking it is!)

When the only thing standing between the common good and the personal plundering of public resources is an individual’s ‘better nature’ (a ‘virtue’ that is completely eliminated by the ‘corporate veil/shield’) you’re just asking for gross mismanagement!

Our deeply misguided judicial system has come out in favor of defending a corporation’s ‘highest responsibility’ as that of generating a profit for the shareowners!

This, by default, turns the entire ‘purpose of commerce’ on its head!

This is what ‘criminal government’ looks like good citizen.

Our species will not survive this type of ‘predation/treachery’ committed by those entrusted with the protecting the ‘public good’.

Just in case any of you were ‘unclear’ as to why we need to ‘revolt’ (change.)

But I preach to the chior, do I not?

The ‘wrong’ will not go away until we make it go away.

Step one in that process is choosing a new direction. (Understand the ‘old’ path ALWAYS leads to the same place!)

I once again find myself compelled to state that it is NOT my job to tell you what to think!

It is my ‘mission’ to extract your head from your anus (in as much as that is possible!)

Thanks for bearing with me (and letting me inside your head)


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