Saturday, May 28, 2011

Low Q...

Greetings good citizen,

I periodically mention that I live in a conservative enclave here in normally ‘blue’ state of Massachusetts. Living here on the seacoast we have a pretty fair concentration of ‘old money’.

I don’t generally delve too deeply into sociology but I had a chance encounter today at the grocery store that had me mentally chanting the mantra ‘only one in five’…

Yes good citizen, only one in five self identify as Republicans.

It sort of took the adage, ‘ignorance is curable but stupid is permanent’ to a whole new level.

In retrospect I can only marvel over the fact that this fellow managed to survive for almost eighty years.

Why this old buck hasn’t fallen into a hole and snapped his neck remains a mystery.

Which is to acknowledge that you can fill a man’s head with a great deal of nonsense and he will still be able to function adequately.

He may not know why he does what he does…but that apparently doesn’t matter.

In a sidebar article we have this piece that makes a similar observation

Hard-charging Republicans who rallied voters last year with cries of "Stop the spending, ban the earmarks" are quietly offering a more familiar Washington refrain now that they're in Congress: not in my backyard.

The massive, $553 billion bill providing a budget for the Pentagon boasts millions of dollars that President Barack Obama didn't request for weapons programs, installations and other projects in districts from Illinois to Mississippi represented by House GOP freshmen. The additions look suspiciously like the pet projects that Republicans prohibited when they took over the House and that the new class of lawmakers, many with tea party backing, swore off in a promise to change Washington's spending habits.

Heated campaign talk of reining in spending and barring earmarks often cools once candidates get to Congress and face the needs and demands of their districts, especially in times of wobbly economic recovery and a widespread shortage of jobs.

Not so obvious is the underlying question of whether or not one in five of us is really THAT stupid?

I have to conclude from my own observations that the answer is ‘probably’.

I’d also opine that ‘the stupid’ will retain whatever ‘attitude/point of view’ you deposit in their empty heads, they simply don’t know better.

They are incapable of higher thought so they ‘gravitate’ towards empty platitudes and flag waving with zero understanding of what is behind it.

I don’t know about you good citizen but stupid people scare me.

I mean people who can’t remember what happened six months ago have no business running a society.

This clown was WAY off when it came to the simplest facts…maybe it was old age and maybe it failing memory…I don’t know and I’m unlikely to find out as I inherited an unusually short fused ‘self-destruct’ system.

I’m sort of skipping over the article here but my main point is the curious case of whether conservatives are REALLY that dumb and are also too ‘STUPID’ to figure out that they’re being exploited…

If the remaining four (that don’t consider themselves conservatives) don’t step up to the plate and bring the, er, ‘stupid’ to heel our civilization is doomed.

Nah, I don’t believe that. The numbers just aren’t there, even with a lock/muzzle on the media.

An extremely unscruplous few are playing a mighty dangerous game that can be easily upset by any mis-step.

They’ve had a few close calls already.

However, stupid is as stupid does.

How do we address this genetic deficiency?

Because guess what? That’s exactly what it is.

Worse, there is no cure!

As bitter as such a reality check may be, we will not be capable of moving forward as a species until we ‘limit the participation’ of the, er, less capable.

Those incapable of thinking for themselves have fallen victim to those who would exploit their weakness for personal gain.

What do you think the ‘Tea Party’ is all about?

We’re talking 30,000 MORONS without enough mental horsepower to realize they’re being played!

Such exploitation should be illegal…but those who take advantage of the situation don’t want their ‘followers’ enlightened to the idea they are being exploited.

Not that you could convince these not too swift people that they were being exploited, Certain concepts don’t mean anything to them.

And that is just one more log on a whole bonfire worth of stupid.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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