Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greetings good citizen,

Once again I will preface today’s post with the (now) standard comment that our civilization is collapsing, er, right on schedule.

Although having a schedule implies that there is a plan for all of this, and while I suspect that such a thing exists, I confess that I am not privy to either its content or its specifics.

I am merely ‘intuiting’ our civilizations’ progress as we slide forward into the same ‘oblivion’ where so many previous civilizations have gone before.

And that is the hell of it good citizen. I am NOT warning you of an ‘unprecidented’ event, (like last weekend’s ‘rapture’.) I am merely predicting something that has occurred repeatedly throughout history.

You’d think we’d be ‘better prepared’ for this sort of thing because while history seldom repeats itself, what we are experiencing definitely ‘rhymes’ with multiple events of the past.

While we face the ‘end’ of the central premise of our current civilization (cheap and abundant energy) and the none too swift among us prepare for this outcome the only way they know how (by rolling back the social clock a thousand or more years.)

What better way to segue into today’s first offering than with this article, which asks the question that is on far too many lips:

Are Republicans Losing Their Grip on Reality?

Jacob Weisberg tackles one of my favorite subjects in his latest column, asking, “Are Republicans losing their grip on reality?” As Weisberg sees it, “the current state of the national Republican Party” is burdened by a disturbing dynamic: “magical thinking trumps rationality.”

Some of this, he suggests, is the result of pandering. For example, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) refuses to say whether he accept the foundations of modern biology, probably because he knows his anti-science party wouldn’t like it if he said he acknowledged the reality of evolutionary biology.

What we have to ask ourselves good citizen is why we sit still for the obvious ‘fixing’ of the election process via the corporate owned media?

Who votes for these nutjobs?

Is it possible to ‘save’ ourselves by implementing ‘competency testing’ as a requirement for running for public office? (If you’ve even scanned A Simple Plan then you know I favor such a policy despite being against ‘electoral politics’.)

Leaders MUST BE both competent AND qualified!

It is outrageous that we don’t demand the passing of at least some kind of basic competency test.

Then maybe we could avoid outrageous situations like this one!

Just because the US is having so much success convincing the world its debt is money good (but don't anyone dare count the $6+ trillion in GSE debt to the total US debt), the good old US of A has now decided to backstop the debt of... Egypt.

Bloomberg reports: "Egypt plans to raise $1 billion by selling Eurobonds this year to diversify borrowing and finance a widening budget deficit after its economy was rocked by the worst political crisis in 30 years. The five-year bonds will be backed by a U.S. “sovereign guarantee,”

Finance Minister Samir Radwan said by telephone from Cairo today...President Barack Obama promised last week $2 billion in loan guarantees and debt forgiveness." And when it comes to Uncle Sam giving his assurances to the developing world, size does not matter: "The size is not significant but the backing from the U.S. will help raise the money at a relatively inexpensive cost."

Uh, should Congress perhaps have something to say about the fact that America is now somehow the guarantor of recently revolutionary African countries? Because if, heaven forbid, should the extremely stable and economically viable, but otherwise revolutionary Egyptian country suffer default and bondholders demand to be made whole, guess out of whose pocket the deficiency claims will have to be funded...

Um, in case you’re wondering, the article leaves the answer to that last rhetorical question open.

And if you still don’t know just find a mirror, whoever stares back at you will be the one on the hook. (Make sure you use as small a mirror as possible and make sure the mirror is located in the USA when you fix your gaze upon it.)

Prison as a tool of ‘reform’ is a very expensive proposition when the states are having their coffers drained by off-shoring.

None the less, since the Republican ‘contract with (on) America’ began the nation’s prison population has skyrocketed!

WASHINGTON — The US Supreme Court ordered California Monday to free thousands of prison inmates, saying chronic overcrowding violated inmates' rights -- but one judge warned the ruling was "outrageous."

In a narrow 5-4 majority ruling upholding a lower court decision, the top US court said the release is the only way to address the constitutional violation of cruel and unusual punishment.

More disturbing is how this civilization (that most of us are only marginally attached to) is turning a large number of us into felons as illustrated by this bit of economic data from that 'bastion of capitalism' the Wall Street Journal.

Lusardi, Schneider and Tufano also looked at the ways in which people coped with an unexpected expense. Most would use multiple methods ranging from dipping into savings, asking for help from family and friends, using loans or credits cards, taking out payday loans or selling possessions. “Taken together with those who would pawn their possessions, sell their home, or take out a payday loan, 25.7% of respondents who were asked about coping methods (equal to 18.6% of all respondents) would come up with the funds for an emergency by resorting to what might be seen as extreme measures,” the authors write. “Along with the 27.9% of respondents who report that they could certainly not cope with an emergency, this suggests that approximately 46.5% of all respondents are living very close to the financial edge.”

But this is nothing ‘new’ for the vast majority of us who have grown up in a ‘hand to mouth’ existence.

More ‘truth’ is said in jest, such is the term ‘wage slave’ more meaningful than a majority is willing to accept.

Lastly, we have this offering which amounts to unnecessary overkill in rebuttal to all of the ‘happy talk’ that there is anything resembling an economic recovery anywhere in the global wasteland!

If there’s a point to be expounded upon, that is it good citizen. We tend to focus on the world of ‘I’ assuming the rest of the world is taking care of itself.

What you need to recognize is the same people that are fucking up your life are fucking it up for everybody else too!

You see, that plan we spoke of in the beginning is something that has been repeated time and time again.

So if you recognize what is going on, you have a good idea as what to expect!

The ‘plan’ is to push us into our own cesspool, a dark place where there is no ‘safe haven’…and they fully expect to survive this vicious exercise by being the ‘owners’ of the only lantern around.

That is how we keep ending up with such fowl, unworkable government. Because the same assholes responsible for the destruction of the old society are the same ones who oversee the erection of the new society as it rises from the muck.

Insuring that the ‘new boss’ is indistinguishable from the old boss!

Anyway, for what its worth, the ‘bucket’ containing our civilization is currently in ‘free fall’ good citizen.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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