Sunday, May 29, 2011

Storehouse of what?

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After yesterday’s rant about the ‘higher than originally suspected’ number of stupid people on the planet, explaining why the ‘LCD’ has fallen so low, today’s post on how you came to be ‘trapped’ by the same strategies used to gull the mental midgets among us should come as no surprise.

Um, no apologies here. If this line of reasoning is ‘offensive’ to you, tough!

If you’re looking for an ‘all-inclusive’ plan to save our species, join a religion!

Something that is going to have a prayer in hell of working WON’T be reliant on the universal ‘conversion’ of all humans into saints (considering that in most cases, sainthood is usually awarded/achieved ‘posthumously’.)

All of us dying first sort of defeats the purpose creating a sustainable society/lifestyle.

The phrase ‘all men were created equal’ has a nice, elegatarian ring to it but that doesn’t make it true and it also leaves more than half of humanity out of consideration in the process.

Some axioms are true and if you fail to plan then you are indeed planning to fail!

If you’re seeking an apology that’s as good as it’s going to get.

Onward with ‘stupid is as stupid does’ which is to ask, “How’s that ‘storehouse of value’ bullshit working out for you?”

Amid rising costs, increasing competition, and Wall Street's myopic focus on short-term profitability, many firms are fine-tuning business models. But instead of figuring out ways of giving more for less, a growing number of them are taking the easy way out. A key component of today's remarkably short-sighted "'value' proposition": deceiving and cheating customers. Here are four articles that highlight the "strategies" corporate America is increasingly relying on:

As you are well aware, we are experiencing what happens to a ‘captive audience’, even if most of you won’t admit it.

I have been ranting for decades that once you ‘give away’ the ability to produce what you need for yourself, you place yourself at the ‘mercy’ of those who still can produce that thing.

And ulitmately it becomes a game of ‘how much will you pay?’

Worse, you already know the answer to that riddle, how bad do you need it?

There are some things you CAN’T do without and those are the things they hold your feet to the fire with.

Notice how they have excluded energy and food from how they calculate inflation? Like nobody eats and nobody heats/drives!

And this is considered a ‘failure’ of government rather than a reflection of a ‘captive government’.

And the two do, by necessity, go hand in hand.

In order for the merchants to turn our nation into a captive audience they first had to capture the one entity capable of preventing it.

Which is to point out that they do indeed possess today the ‘monopolies’ we prevented more than a hundred years ago.

So it would be more correct to point out that our forefathers merely ‘delayed’ the inevitable outcome of capitalism and that is a captive marketplace.

People LOVE to quote Marx’s observations on capitalism because he totally MISSED the main points! Along with creating a system that is virtually indistinguishable from capitalism as an alternative to capitalism because the dope totally misunderstood money!

The term ‘couldn’t see the forest for the trees comes to mind’…as does ‘re-defines the term stupid!’

How sad is it that I tend to overuse certain ‘derogatory’ terms. I seem obsessed with hanging everybody with their own necktie and labeling every mainstream pundit as an idiot…not that I’m 100% wrong in either case.

I have also grown fond of calling people ‘useful idiots’.

If I’m not careful, people will start calling me a ‘hater’.

How sad is it that speaking the truth, by necessity, tends to make one self-conscious?

I’m gonna step away from the soapbox and leave behind (for now) the subject of ‘mental deficiency’ for a while.

We have a civilization to rebuild and we don’t have the time to fret over the minor details/inconvenient facts.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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