Monday, May 2, 2011

What a load of Crap!

Greetings good citizen,

I only caught a moment or two of this morning’s news (and it happened to be the weather) so I was somewhat astonished to see that, er, ‘Undesirable number one’ has been, er, ‘laid to rest’.

I can’t say with any certainty that the spin-doctors and perception managers haven’t ordered the nation’s news anchors to perform a live ‘victory dance’ on the screen. They very well may have, I just haven’t seen it.

And probably won’t because I’m not big on televized news.

Just to give you an idea of my own feelings on the matter, I’m inclined to say, “What a bunch of crap!”

The time to kill Bin Laden was ten years ago.

IF he’s been personally organizing and funding terrorist attacks around the world (as conservatives would have us believe) he has failed repeatedly and consistently!

To ask a question that is on everyone’s lips/mind, what the hell’s up with this ‘burial at sea’ crap almost immediately after the fact?

The article mentions something about ‘Islamic tradition’ (of laying the corpse to rest before sunset.) But hell, if you want to go that route, why didn’t we insist on displaying the outlaw’s head on a pike (outside the UN if not at an appropriate location down the street closer to ‘ground zero’?)

History shows us that ‘religious tradition’ usually takes a back seat to the public’s thirst for revenge…

But we aren’t savages, are we?

Wait, don’t answer that if you’re gonna lie!

Yeah, cameras, mirrors and the truth are the three things people hate the most.

The truth may be ugly, but attempting to paper it over only makes it worse.

Speaking of the ugly truth we have this stark admission from none other than Business Insider regarding the hallowed ‘American Dream’.

This self-determination "American Dream" is deeply important to the American psyche. It has helped the country build the most vibrant economy in the world. It has made millions of Americans rich. It has also, unfortunately, allowed us to justify inequality that is appalling to just about every other developed country in the world.

So what if the richest 1% of Americans control a third of the country's wealth, this story goes--they deserve to. The other 99% are just a bunch of lazy bastards with their hands out.

If that were actually true--if the riches of the richest Americans were entirely a product of their own efforts and value to society--America's increasing inequality might be more tolerable. But, increasingly, it isn't.

Yes, it's still possible for people to go from rags to riches in this country, and that's a great thing. But it's also increasingly unusual.

Increasingly, more public figures have come forward in condemnation of the ‘bootstrappers’ that pedal what most of us know to be utter nonsense.

It is, without question, better to be the employer than the employee, which is the primary reason we will never see ‘capitalist utopia’, it simply CAN’T exist!

And there’s the rub! All Chiefs and no Indians does not a stable society make.

Let’s not even get started on capitalism 101 and market share!

Which is to ask are conservatives totally stupid? What part of insufficient market share don’t they get?

They may counter with ‘what part of I own it’ do liberals fail to understand?

To which the liberals should counter ‘prove it’ (and we’ll only accept a bill of sale from Mother Nature or God himself, with all of the ‘proper endorsements’!)

It is arguments such as the one above that illustrate what is wrong with the very foundations of, er, Western society…not that Eastern or any other civilization (with the marked exception of Native American society) gets it right.

Yes good citizen, one civilization got it right and it flourished for tens of thousands of years before the Europeans came and wiped it out…but that’s ‘progress’ for you.

Do any of you wonder what happened to “The most vibrant economy in the world” that, er, ‘vibrant economy’…the economy has SUCKED for my entire 55 years here! Could they be referring to somewhere else?

I tend to agree with George Carlin, you have to be (literally) dreaming to believe 'The American Dream'!

More succinctly, the lie that is the American Dream is no longer taught to kids on the bottom of the food chain. Probably because their parents feel guilty enough about being failures themselves and how that failure has condemned their children to the same fate.

Yet it persists. My teenage son is only slowly realizing that he won’t just walk into a boardroom somewhere and start barking orders because that’s how he thinks things should be done.

Ironically, is he any less qualified than any other ‘masters of the universe?’ I’d opine the only thing he lacks is ‘seasoning’, otherwise he’s just as ‘qualified’, from a ‘self-importance’ point of view.

But then it sometimes seems like the world is being run by a bunch of self-important 15 year-olds…so who can tell the difference?

Um, in more ‘disturbing’ news, the stock markets rose 115 points last week, despite the worsening conditions over in the (bankrupt) world’s third largest economy.

Which is to ask, in keeping with today’s ‘theme’ just how much crap are you expected to swallow?

You’re expected to swallow it all…and then beg for seconds!

Me, I’ve had enough…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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