Friday, May 27, 2011

Stocks rise, insanity suspected!

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Peak oil has come and gone so the economic insanity is only going to get more pronounced going forward.

As I have postulated earlier, what we are seeing is the ‘death throes’ of those who derive their ‘power’ from the fossil fuel industry.

We can feel fortunate that these self-centered cretins have so far failed to incite an all out nuclear exchange (because the one sure way to extend their reign as ‘masters of the (human) universe’ is to significantly reduce the number of ‘end-users’, preferably those made redundant via automation/off-shoring.)

How fortunate is it that radiation, like communicable disease, isn’t ‘selective’ enough to eradicate ‘the problem’?

Which is not to say that either has been ruled out, desperate people will dare desperate things when pushed far enough.

Lynch someone who richly deserves it and we may just win a local detonation of a weapon intended to defend us from attack!

Never underestimate the ‘reach’ of corruption. The same assholes who bought our government also bought the keys to our nuclear arsenal…just in case you were under the false impression that the military couldn’t be bought.

Not that anyone would ever admit to detonating one of our own nukes on a US target. Even if you found a piece of the bomb with traceable serial numbers on it, the CIA would claim the weapon was ‘stolen by terrorists’ to protect their masters.

How do we know that?

If the corruption DIDN’T go all the way to the top then why hasn’t anybody been prosecuted?

Still ‘gathering evidence’ eh?

Well, here’s some evidence that things are rotten in Denmark!

Stocks on Wall Street traded higher on Friday after a report showed that Americans’ income edged up last month.

Before trading began, the Commerce Department said that both personal income and spending rose 0.4 percent in April, in line with what economists expected. Higher food and gas prices accounted for most of the spending increase.

A cut in the amount withdrawn from paychecks for Social Security has given incomes a boost this year. But that extra take-home pay has been pinched by higher prices for gasoline

Um, does anyone read this shit before it hits the presses?

Once again we have to ask ourselves if they think we’re that stupid or if they are (that stupid?)

One suspects ‘ass covering’ when you read ridiculous claims like this.

Left to your imagination is who thinks this is saving anybody’s face?

Actually, this is the media throwing the goofy government statistics under the bus…’proving’ the Republican meme that government doesn’t work.

And when is government at its worst? When the corporate dick sucking Republicans are in charge! (Not that the Democrats have acquitted themselves any better in recent memory.)

For our next trick we have a look at the true state of the economy:

No. 370: GDP Revision, Revised Durable Goods, Home Sales
Subscription required May 26th, 2011

• Major Downside Revisions to GDP Loom in Upcoming Benchmark
• Durable Goods Orders Revised Lower by 8% in Trough-Year 2009
• Housing Activity Disaster Exacerbates Systemic Solvency Issues

The elephant in the room good citizen is how the housing debacle has not been rectified, even a little, making the global economy ‘insolvent’.

Er, there is, however, a bit of irony here considering it was the ‘elephants’ who created ‘the elephant problem’

The ‘crisis’ we will face with the return of cold weather THIS YEAR is how many millions of people will have to choose between freezing to death and/or starving to death?

Naturally, we are faced with the ongoing question of whether or not a government that is not answerable to us would admit a crisis is in the works?

One of the most frequently repeated themes in the independent blogosphere is the high degree of ‘irregularity’ present in the world’s financial sector.

Here’s Jesse with his take on the subject:

Power indeed corrupts all, and their thinking, even in the well intentioned.

And this is what I fear the Federal Reserve is becoming, or more likely, has already become. And so I would not necessarily argue that an independent central bank is a bad idea per se, although such an argument can certainly be made.

But I would propose that the Greenspan-Bernanke Fed itself has outlived its lifespan as an effective organization, and is in dire need of reform and refocusing, and it must come from outside the group think of their bureaucracy. And the Congress and the Executive seem insufficient to the task having been severely compromised over the years through participation in the Fed's decisions and its control of money flows.

So the question of reform is problematic. The current government, both Republicans and Democrats, seem to be up to their elbows in the muck, beholden to a powerful elite and their vested interests that operate behind the scenes, and too often outside the law.

Terrible thoughts in their implications, and so most cannot bear to even think them. In times of the big changes people may desperately cling to the familiar, even if it is a rotting corpse of what it had once been. Reform is hard and often tedious work, never easy, and it has it own dangers. The cure may be as dangerous as the disease, and so it bears much thought and careful action. But action is required, it must be done.

Perhaps more telling is the uptick in the frequency with which we are hearing calls to action.

We know this situation isn’t going to fix itself but most of us are waiting for the catalyst, that one clarifying event that says undeniably where the bear shits.

So which will come first, the nuke or the lynching?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…although, ‘tick-tock’ good citizen, we don’t have forever here to ride the fence.

And when the temperatures are sub-zero it will be a lousy time to wish we had acted sooner.

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