Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Legally Goofy

Greetings good citizen,

The collapse of civilization proceeds apace, which is to say ‘unabated’. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that statement with the caveat of there is no hiding place, when Western civilization ‘falls’ it will take everything else with it.

Thus is the ‘collapse of civilization’ is intended to be ‘universal’. This is an ‘all-in’, nobody is exempt situation. This is not to say there won’t be the occasional (heavily policed and severely restricted) ‘oasis’ scattered here or there.

It will be from these ‘secure compounds’ that our betters intend to reassert their control over the rest of us…after they’re finished ‘spanking’ us for being ‘uncooperative’.

(It’s not too late to run their ungrateful asses up their own flag pole! By the neck, for those of you who require a more specific mental image.)

Where were we? Oh yeah, the collapse of civilization!

The question on some of your minds might be ‘what evidence do we have that civilization is collapsing (everything seems to be running ‘fairly smoothly’?)

Does the term ‘boob-proof’ mean anything to you?

99% of what we consider ‘normal’ has been boob-proofed so the world will always appear to be operating ‘normally’ if you don’t know what to look for.

Like yesterday’s little rant about (out of control) National Park service cops.

Or this article, which asks if we are living in a ‘post legal’ society?

Is the Libyan war legal? Was Bin Laden’s killing legal? Is it legal for the president of the United States to target an American citizen for assassination? Were those “enhanced interrogation techniques” legal? These are all questions raised in recent weeks. Each seems to call out for debate, for answers. Or does it?

Regular readers know I’ve been pointing to our ‘legal problem’ for decades now, just to give you an idea how long this (am I) go back.

The collapse of our civilization starts with the collapse of our legal system.

What was initially a little decay has blossomed into full-scale rot.

Our laws have always had a price tag, all they needed was a willing seller…and the top authority’s willingness to look away on cue. Now they no longer need to pretend, they have the ‘top authority’ tucked away in their own vest pocket.

How fucked up is it considering that all money is ‘funny’ (which is to say ‘fake, counterfeit’?) Our freedom and future well being were sold for a handful of virtual confetti!

There is no ‘suitable punishment’ for a crime like this, which is why I developed ‘exile’.

But I digress.

Next up, we have this bit of Ivory Tower drivel as a reminder that ‘academics’ have no ‘real world’ foundation with which to build upon.

This, in turn, leads to an emphasis on institutions whose priorities are broader than those that typically flow from the corporate emphasis on the bottom line. At the cutting edge of experimentation are the growing number of egalitarian, and often green, worker-owned cooperatives. Hundreds of “social enterprises” that use profits for environmental, social or community-serving goals are also expanding rapidly. In many communities urban agricultural efforts have made common cause with groups concerned about healthy nonprocessed food. And all this is to say nothing of 1.6 million nonprofit corporations that often cross over into economic activity. [snip]

Along with the rapid expansion of small and medium-size businesses committed to building the new economy has come a sense of community and shared mission. Staff, managers and owners at many of these companies are finding more opportunities to share ideas and pool resources with like-minded professionals. The American Sustainable Business Council, a growing alliance of 150,000 business professionals and thirty business organizations, has emerged as a leading venue for such activity. Most members are “triple bottom line” companies and social enterprises committed to the environment and social outcomes as well as profits.

How many of you are looking at this bullshit and thinking ‘SSDD’?

Because that’s what we have here, I’m amazed this asshole isn’t advocating starting up a ‘charity’ economy because when it’s all said and done we would be right there. The only ‘social good’ to come from these ‘special corporations’ will be the ‘special drawing rights’ and ‘preferred stock’ the directors will bestow upon themselves.

Which is to remind you that the original idea behind the corporate charter was to insure that these for profit ventures ‘served’ the public rather than preyed upon it. So Bobo’s proposal is far from ‘new’, it’s the same old bullshit ‘re-treaded’ and fitted with a few (soon to be forgotten) bells and whistles.

We’re back to ‘lipstick on a pig’.

Speaking of which we have yet another article pronouncing the death of the American Dream

Housing is in persistent trouble, industry analysts say, not only because so many people are blocked from the market — being unemployed, in foreclosure or trapped in homes that are worth less than the mortgage — but because even those who are solvent are opting out.

The desire to own your own home, long a bedrock of the American Dream, is fast becoming a casualty of the worst housing downturn since the Great Depression.

Show of hands now, how many of you are ‘surprised’ by this story? No one? I think a few of you are fibbing! You’ve been eyeing those foreclosures and thinking it’s almost time to realize your dream of becoming a real estate tycoon!

You’ve even dusted off your old Tom Vu seminar materials (not without wondering what the hell you were thinking at the time) boning up on the ‘right way’ to build your empire!

Schmacky, good citizen, guess what’s NEVER coming back?

One would like to think that our species would ‘mature’ by the time we figure out how to reach the stars (because that’s what it is going to take for the idea of ‘personal real estate’ to come back into fashion.)

There’s a reason I developed A Simple Plan as a ‘cashless’ society, chief among these is the fact that all crime is cash and carry BUT (and it’s a pretty big one) by the time we get around to implementing ASP, people will no longer ‘trust’ fiat currencies.

Worse, there isn’t enough ‘hard currency’ (which is also ‘fiat’…think about it) to establish a viable economy.

Speaking of which here we find 8 financial advisers who are all on the same page… as I am.

Just in case you were thinking it might be a ‘happy’ article.

We are faced with some daunting problems, none of which are ‘insurmountable’ IF we can get the self-interested to step aside while we apply the necessary repairs.

And that is ‘the challenge’ good citizen, just one of many.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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