Monday, December 31, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

It appears I have a lot of competition for your attention this New Years Eve…although I suspect the boys and girls on Wall Street hope nobody notices that the markets have tacked on 150 points for nothing (again.)

2012 is over and it turns out the dire predictions that started the year didn’t come to pass…as advertised.

Which is to opine that we are NOT ‘out of the woods’ yet. It’s probably more than a little disturbing to still be sitting right where the financial sector dumped us five years ago.

But you’re not supposed to notice that. You’re supposed to believe we’ve put all that nastiness behind us, the ‘recovery’ (that only the pundits and certain rare breeds of parrots can see) is ‘well underway’ and the future looks bright…(or is that a fire on the distant horizon?)

If it gets much darker (socially speaking) we are going to have to re-define ‘black’.

Funny how hopelessness has a way of intensifying the dark. There was a brief and somewhat blinding flash of illumination five years ago, a fleeting moment when a brilliant flash showed us that our economy was hollow…to the point of being non-existent.

Once the market for ‘faux’ financial services collapsed, nothing remained.

Sure, it still looks like we do stuff here but that is the satellite offices of foreign manufacturers, the rest is just what you'’ find in any other Banana Republic, ‘extractive industries.’

Oh and when the rest of the world runs out of oil and the One percent decides to cash in its US shale reserves, guess who won’t get any? (Because our currency will be worthless.)

But you’re reading that literally when in fact nobody will openly ‘deny’ you access to US produced energy…they will just charge you through the nose for it AND OUR TRAITOROUS POLITICIANS WILL SAY THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT!

I’m telling you right now good citizen, every damn one of them is a traitor (and should therefore pay ‘the traitor’s price.’

How unfortunate is it good citizen that treason, like sanity, is determined by the mindset of the ‘people who matter’.

Even more unfortunate to know that YOU are not among them. (Because YOU KNOW they’re bat-shit crazy!)

Bizarrely, like turning on a light switch, you’ll go from being ‘insignificant’ to being the arbiter of sanity, right after civilization falls off the proverbial cliff.

The question for 2013 is whether or not that cliff is nearby?

And I’d opine yes, good citizen, it’s a lot closer than you’d think. The as yet ‘unresolved’ fiscal cliff that the buttlicking corporate owned media mistakenly characterizes as a ‘failure to compromise’ threatens to push an already fragile economy over the edge.

Implying the (still spineless) Dems won’t give in when we all KNOW it is the conservo-whackos who won’t do what needs to be done. This could be the trigger the robbers have been waiting since ‘Morning in America’ to pull.

Which is to opine that the conservo-whackos are patient if nothing else…

But it’s the ‘persistent’ part that has the rest of us worried (to the point of questioning their sanity.)

That and their ‘no compromise’ attitude. Here they are, begging for compromise just like their capitalist heroes do (my way or the highway!)

We, as a society, can no longer afford (read tolerate) this variety of myopia.

It literally leads to an ‘us vs. them’ mentality that is toxic to social creatures like ourselves.

While this seems like little more than ‘sound advice’ we seriously need to take the matter to heart and literally ‘weed out’ those unfit to lead because THAT is where the problem is rooted.

Those who lead DO NOT have the best interests of society in their minds when they pass judgement…often on topics they have no right deciding and they are the same people who are ‘leading’ our society over a cliff we will not recover from.

The breakdown in trust alone may become insurmountable. We are already in danger of that happening with the financial system.

One of today’s headlines was on precisely this topic. As the ‘government guarantees’ expire on certain classes of securities, bankers are slicing the funds up into FDIC insurable amounts to protect themselves.

From what remains uncertain.

I don’t need to remind you that ALL money is FUNNY (regardless of who backs it!)

Which is why these gyrations to recover ‘government protection’ are actually amusing.

Our government is as broke as the rest of us…and that’s the doing of the One Percent!

The thing YOU need to remember is whosoever controls YOUR money, controls YOU!

Do you think a bunch of self-centered opportunists should be in charge of YOUR cash?

Let’s ring in 2013 as we ponder what to do about this pickle…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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