Friday, December 14, 2012

Killer prescription...

Greetings good citizen,

Probably more than you, I wish I’d wake up one day and not find anything to write about…but we both know that isn’t going to happen!

Today’s nominee for ‘Stooge of the moment’ is this nitwit:
Today's Economist
The Trade-Off Between Economic Growth and Deficit Reduction

The extremely slow recovery from the recession would be dealt a deadly blow if a rigid austerity plan was imposed on government spending.

Let’s test this one shall we?

Why is the alleged ‘recovery’ failing to materialize? Because all of the customers are BROKE.

So we slap the world’s BIGGEST CUSTOMER with a spending freeze and somehow, magically (it must be assumed) the economy will start rolling again.

And better, the alleged ‘deficit’ will (also magically) ‘melt away’.

Without inquiry we can conclude one thing, that Ms. Tyson is a conservo-whacko who believes in ‘magical thinking’ (because the mechanics of her proposal are totally ‘counter-intuitive’.

Would that we could find an energy source that obeyed the same principles (the less you used, the more it produced!)

To understand idiotic assertions like this made by allegedly ‘educated’ individuals we need look no farther than the >One Percent.

You see, there is no ‘fiscal crisis’ for the uber wealthy and as far as they are concerned, ANYTHING that drives taxes down is a good thing (even though they don’t pay any!)

It may not make sense to the average individual why the super rich, who don’t pay taxes in the first place, would be so focused on tax reduction…unless you look at it from the criminal’s point of view.

Who pays the cops?

Your tax dollars.

Wait, they own the cops (or at least the people who tell the cops what to do) why would they want to strangle the government?

Because then there would be NO ONE to come to your rescue (kind of like now.) You’d have to eat their shit and like it because you would have no choice…just like the old days.

How sick is it good citizen that there are people who pine for ‘the bad old days’? (When a king could have you hung, rape your wife and sell your kids into slavery for no reason other than BECAUSE he was king (and had no special need of you or your services…)

In these twisted bastards minds, they are kings and YOU are insignificant peasants that are a pestilence upon HIS land.

Which brings us (ironically) full circle to psychopaths…did you know there’s a test for that?

More curiously, would you take the test? I would. I already know I wouldn’t test positive.

Which should not be construed as a claim of superior mental health…I’ve got a few loose screws (as constant reader knows…)

We’ve gotten (considerably) off of the beaten path (again) but would it be one of my posts if we DIDN’T ‘digress’?

So we have yet another ‘so-called economist’ claiming austerity for an already reeling society is the prescription that will return us to robust health (despite ALL of the evidence pointing in the exact opposite direction…

Which brings us to the other conservo-whacko claim when their bizarre proposals produce the predicted results…

“You didn’t do it right!” usually followed by claims that so and so wasn’t a ‘real conservative’.

How bizarre is it that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, EACH TIME expecting a different result!

And when the same result occurs they reach the obvious conclusion, ‘you didn’t do it right’…

Worse good citizen, you drive by a (rabid) conservative’s home and the sign on the front lawn admonishes you to ‘Save America, vote Republican!’

How much of an IDIOT do you have to be to NOT recognize that 40 yeas of Republicanism has resulted in the cluster fuck we have on our hands today?

And the answer, sadly, is a mighty big one…because about one in five people profess conservative inclinations (again a surprising outcome as conservatism and insanity are rapidly becoming synonymous!)

Sort of the same thing as wearing an “I’m an idiot” sign (although they don’t wear a sign…which is unfortunate.)

I have been tempted to pull up in front of one of these properties and knocking on the door and inquiring if they are indeed the residents and if they had anything to do with the signage…

If they answered in the positive I’d probably thank them and walk away, it’s what I’d be thinking that would shock them.

“I’ve just survived an encounter with a class A lunatic and lived to talk about it…now I know what one looks like.”

On that note I’ll leave you to your own devices…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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