Friday, December 7, 2012

Global Dominance!

Greetings good citizen,

As you may have noticed (and I missed it) the stock market rallied sharply into the close yesterday in ‘anticipation’ of today’s favorable job market report…despite the fact that the job market still sucks, it’s how they count the unemployed that looks favorable…(to the bean-counters on Wall Street.)

Which is to ask, once again, how long we will tolerate the practice of doing the incredible to satisfy the greed of the impossibly stupid few?

Let’s see if (after editing) you can detect the ‘common thread’ between these three issues ?
The child poverty cliff.

Between 2007 and 2011, the percentage of American school-age children living in poor households grew from 17 to 21%. Last year, according to the Agriculture Department , nearly 1 in 4 young children lived in a family that had difficulty affording sufficient food at some point in the year.

The baby-boomer healthcare cliff.

Healthcare costs are already 18% of GDP. Between now and 2030, when 76 million boomers join the ranks of the elderly, those costs will soar. This is the principal reason why the federal budget deficit is projected to grow.

The environmental cliff.

Global emissions of carbon dioxide jumped 3 percent in 2011 and are expected to jump another 2.6 percent this year according to scientists, putting the human race perilously close to the tipping point when ice caps irretrievably melt, sea-levels rise, and amount of available cropland in the world becomes dangerously small.

Well, how about it good citizen, is anything smacking you in the ol’ cranium here?

What do these three factors have in common?

Seems unfair to point to ‘capitalism’ when communism and totalitarianism are also guilty of producing such outcomes, doesn’t it.

To which capitalism’s defenders would exclaim that their beloved commerce system of choice is at least ‘no worse’ than any of the…er, ‘alternatives’. (Which, in case you didn’t know/notice…all THREE operate on capitalist monetary values and systems. Doesn’t matter what your government calls itself if the whole fucking world operates under the capitalist system!

And here you were, believing that there were ‘competing’ social platforms out there!

There aren’t!

Now are you asking yourself the $64 million dollar question, Why was I kept ignorant of this?

It’s because they want you to believe ‘the other’ is responsible for your woes (when the real culprit is the capitalist!)

This is what the average citizen is kept ignorant of, that ‘global domination’ was achieved (by capitalists) long ago. WWII was just their first clumsy attempt to consolidate their power by usurping control of the world’s governments.

In retrospect, it worked brilliantly. (Because they succeeded in creating the global ‘security state’ where their actions remained hidden behind the cloak of ‘national security’.)

Scarier still is the ‘emergence’ of the practice of exterminating their detractors by remote control.

You don’t get your day in court because we can’t be raising the issue of who are you to be prosecuting us without a reason? Without risking a global uprising of the billions who are getting fucked by these ‘global capitalists’.

Funny how the simple act of questioning governmental action can get you branded a ‘terrorist’ without evidence?

And your subsequent murder will be called a ‘public good’…

I’m going to cut this short so you won’t lose sight of what has been revealed to you, good citizen.

Consider your position and act accordingly.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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