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Here it is fifteen minutes before markets open and I’m back to old tricks of posting first thing (Well, it’s not the VERY FIRST thing I do…) and, as usual, today’s top story, a veritable outrage, is reported without rancor, in fact, it has become so common that it now seems this is how what passes for our ‘justice system’ operates.

Pay the fine and PROMISE to NEVER do it again…although, if memory serves this is the umpteenth time this particular miscreant has been fined for fiscal ‘wrong-doing’…

Which is to ask, good citizen, Where does it stop?
UBS Is Reported to Be Near a Deal on Rate Rigging

The Swiss banking giant UBS is expected to pay American and British fines of more than $450 million to settle claims that it reported false rates to increase its profit, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Worse good citizen, the ‘whopping’ 450 million dollar fine is just a fraction of the damage their falsehood has inflicted, so calling this justice is really a stretch.

Push come to shove they should pull the bastard’s charter and lock the doors!

Which, naturally, shines the spotlight on the other side of this situation, a society being held hostage by obvious criminals because of the JOBS that would be lost if justice were served!

But wait good citizen, it gets better!
Robert Greenwald, head of the progressive internet video and documentary film company, Brave New Films, recently traveled to Pakistan, supported financially by hundreds of BNF donors, to witness first hand the stories of families who have had innocent loved ones killed by U.S. drone attacks. Greenwald is challenging both the morality and the factual effectiveness of the U.S drone program as we learn more about the failures and questionable policies. The U.S. claims that drone missiles are aimed at potential terrorists but because the ground rules of who can be targeted is both vague and has been loosened, the number of innocents being killed has risen sharply. Furthermore, the information that is used to target people appears to be the result of a system of bribery at the local level, which is of questionable reliability.

It wasn't until April 2012 that John Brennan, White House counter-terrorism adviser admitted for the first time publicly, that our government has been using drones in Pakistan, and later Yemen, to attempt to kill those they consider as potential terrorists. This was the first public acknowledgment, despite the fact that the program had been going for at least several years. Still far more information was withheld in Brennan’s announcement about the program, than was revealed.
So we have bankers playing ‘pick your own fine’ and we have the military, whacking people indiscriminately and calling them ‘terrorists’ after the fact.

Worse, the average individual is powerless to ‘gainsay’ any of this, the eight hundred pound gorilla of ‘national security’ is wheeled out and paraded up and down the square and nothing gets done about it!

Which, if you have even one oar in the water, displays what a disturbing degree the ‘lack of accountability’ has taken on.

How long can you hide atrocities behind the veil of ‘national security’?

And at what point does it become, er, ‘unsafe’ to remain a member of such a society?

(Asked the man who is already living in a society that has suspended his right to review the evidence against him (habeas corpus.)

Hell while we’re shoveling dirt into the Republican’s grave we should include the other thing ‘Bush the lesser’ will go into the history books for and that is for abolishing the federal statute against usury!

But if we decide to document the crimes of the conservo-whackos we will need a lot more space and time than I’m willing to devote to the task!

But the real issue here is how it has become a ‘non-crime’ to be murdered by remote control…which weirdly started with the Israelis and their use of helicopter gunships to ‘assassinate’ political opponents.

The fact that they ‘bought’ those gunships from the US is just a massive coincidence…(or so they’d have you believe.)

Which is to roll this dialogue back to yesterday’s post and speculate just how many members of the political process as well as those in the military who would be found ‘unfit to serve’ if they were to be tested for the genetic markers that indicate psychopathy?

The idiots in charge of the drone program are most definitely ‘emotionally hard of hearing’ if not completely deaf…an accusation that could be fairly leveled at all who have ‘gone along’ with this atrocity in silence as the program has expanded.

Well, before a Scud come cruising through my window I’m going to post this bad boy so YOU get to consider it and it doesn’t remain a sordid bit of mental masturbation.

You know and I know something needs to be done to put a stop to this!

This is a fine time to realize that neither you nor I have the tools to put that action in motion.

Go ahead and call your congressman, let me know how that works out for you…

It won’t…and I’m not psychic (proven fact given my numerous failed predictions!)

The system, no matter how you slice it, don’t work…but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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