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We are now three weeks away from the Fox News sponsored Mayan Apocalypse and it’s looking like another ‘fizzle’ (although it is rumored they have their eye on a rogue neutron star that (might be) headed this way.)

Otherwise the destruction of our civilization proceeds ‘on schedule’:
Citigroup to Cut 11,000 Jobs and Take $1 Billion Charge

The cuts will reduce the bank’s work force by roughly 4 percent and come after the chairman, Michael E. O’Neill, engineered the ouster of Citi’s former chief executive.

It remains to be seen if Mr. O’Neill isn’t revealed to be the world’s biggest chump/patsy for his alleged ‘ouster’ of Citi’s boy Vikram. The ‘Pandit’ didn’t do the ‘perp walk/frog march’ to the downtown lock-up so he wasn’t exactly ‘extracted’ from his perilous perch as many though he should have been. But whatever…
Freeport to Buy Plains Exploration and McMoRan

The transactions will create a natural resources titan worth about $60 billion, including debt, and will reunite Freeport with McMoRan, the oil exploration company it spun off in 1994.
If any of you have been paying attention you may have been wondering how capitalism keeps ‘growing’ while the number of players keeps shrinking and the answer to that question lies in ‘market share’.

Above is just one more example of the ‘cannibalism’ that is so common under capitalism. What will happen to the thousands of people made ‘redundant’ by this, er, ‘unanticipated merger’? They’ll hit the streets…and making themselves ‘useful’ again becomes their problem.

As fewer and fewer people are successful at this task it is going to become YOUR problem! (Mark my words!)
Spending Data Point to Continuing Woes in Euro Zone
By DAVID JOLLY 56 minutes ago

Retail sales in the 17-nation bloc fell 1.2 percent in October and 3.6 percent from a year earlier, adding to worries about recovery.
Um, is it just me or did the first thing that popped into your mind happen to be the question ‘what recovery?’ too?

We see that ‘recovery’ in this instance is phrased in the context of ‘potential for recovery’ rather than an ongoing one which no corporate owned media outlet will deny is aggressively underway (at least in the minds of their bosses…)

But the truth of the matter remains that regardless of how hard you try, you can’t spend your way out of debt!

Zimbabwe is a great example of what happens when you try to.

Why nobody goes Zim on the US is a different question altogether despite the fraud being precisely the same!
Austerity in Britain Will Stretch to 2018, Osborne Says 8:49 AM ET
Greece Slips in Corruption Rankings 10:12 AM ET

What makes the, er, minister of the exchequer so optimistic? Dunno, totally baffled by this one.

Except to say that there won’t be a ‘recovery’ until there is a whole lot of ‘reform’…and there isn’t going to be ANY REAL REFORM until AFTER the revolution…
Europe Fines Electronics Makers $1.92 Billion

Seven companies were accused of fixing the price of picture tubes for television and computer screens.
Like the baby on the E-Trade commercials, you’re going to have to conjure your own mental image of my ‘shocked face’…

Seriously good citizen this surprises who?
Markets Uneven in Early Trading
By REUTERS 20 minutes ago

Wall Street was mixed as a 15 percent drop in shares of Freeport-McMoRan offset optimism about a global economic recovery spurred by comments from China’s new leader.
How fucking sad is it when Hu Jin Tao’s replacement can ‘jawbone’ a global economic recovery into existence by simply spreading more capitalistic bullshit?

Talk about ‘wanting to believe’…
Rhode Island Judge Has Stake in Pension Case Outcome

The dispute is also being closely watched as a first major test of whether, and how, financially strained states and cities can cut the benefits of their workers and retirees.
Um, how disturbing is it that judges, of all people, can ‘retire’ whenever the fuck they want to AT 100% OF THEIR SALARY! Yet many judges die on the bench? Go figure?

How fucked do you suspect these poor pensioners are going to be when the primary qualification for a seat on the federal bench is a willingness to disregard the ‘public good’ so our capitalist cannibals can be saved from the consequences of their own actions?

Like most posts I could go on forever about the ‘defects’ in our current social model but that doesn’t seem to spur people into seeking an alternative.

So, all of the above was from today’s NY Times…read it…and weep…if you aren’t ‘emotionally deaf.’

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