Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Save the Children

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Still at the top of the current news cycle is the recent massacre in CT…and just as I predicted, they are only feeding the fire with their self-centered rhetoric.

Which is to say the (idiot) opinion-makers are already talking like dialing up the punishment is all it’s going to take to solve this problem

So we are left with this highly rhetorical question:

Does America Hate Its Children?

We do not protect them from poverty, disease, or guns.

December 17, 2012 |

America’s children seem to be shortchanged on almost every issue we face as a society.

Not only are we failing to protect our children from deranged people wielding semi-automatic guns.

We’re not protecting them from poverty. The rate of child poverty keeps rising – even faster than the rate of adult poverty.

And we’re not protecting their health. Rates of child diabetes and asthma continue to climb.

If we go over the “fiscal cliff” without a budget deal, several programs focused on the wellbeing of children will be axed — education, child nutrition, school lunches, children’s health, Head Start. Even if we avoid the cliff, any “grand bargain” to tame to deficit is likely to jeopardize them.

At the same time, states and localities have been slashing preschool and after-school programs, child care, family services, recreation, and mental-health services.


Conservatives want to blame parents for not doing their job. But this ignores politics.

I have already pointed out why Johnny has (ADD, Aspergers or fill in the blank social disorder…along with a plethora of physical discomforts…it’s because Johnny wouldn’t be here if not for a friggin’ test tube!)

And that’s because Mommy and Daddy couldn’t afford to ‘settle down’ to raise a family until they were in their late 30’s, pushing their biological clocks to the limit…and often beyond.

And why?

So ‘a few’ could be rich. (Although those few were already rich…so it is THEIR CHILDREN that we have sacrificed the health of the next generation for!)

Understand the logic here…they never worked a day in their lives so it would be ‘irresponsible’ of them to put their children in the position of having to take orders from an asshole like themselves!

Thus did they feel compelled to multiply their fortune so their children wouldn’t be forced to work for assholes like themselves…(and the rest of civilization be damned!)

They can teach their children how to BE THAT ASSHOLE but they can’t put them in the position of having to take orders from one!

What would the relatives say?

Those are just stories they scare one another with around the family dinner table when the cousins come over…right?

Imagine the horror of actually having to work for somebody else…

A horror the rest of us relish…because without employment, your prospects are mighty thin.

Um, I am not ‘gloating’ over being correct…we all knew up front nobody had any intention of ‘doing the right thing’, least of all a president you can’t punish.

Looking ahead to 2016 (and supposedly Hillary’s turn…), given our current plight, do you still believe the ballot box isn’t utterly useless?

Hopefully by 2016 we will be voting directly on the laws themselves, this voting for someone to decide in your name is for the birds! It hasn’t worked in 240 years!

In a ‘better’ future, ‘rich’ will become a word used too describe our culture and not any individual.

NOBODY will ‘own’ fifty millimeters (never mind fifty miles) of pristine oceanfront, patrolled by attack helicopters (with orders to shoot trespassers on sight.)

‘Tis the Season of Hope, is it not? Well if we’re going to hope we need to do it right…and yes Virginia, there are ‘right and wrong’ things to hope for.

The cursed Libertarians think all ‘rights’ stem from ownership…but fail to define where that ‘right’ comes from…

They say stupid things like they own themselves…which, not to surprisingly, leaves the door open to others owning them too.

Or them owning others…which would suit that selfish bunch just fine.

AFTER we get through screening for psychopathy (a requisite in our ‘hopeful future’) there won’t be any Libertarians left…because it’s core beliefs are identical to the symptoms of incurable mental illness.

Unsurprisingly, I suspect the Republicans will be decimated by this weeding out process as well.

That’s the ‘sugar plum fairy’ that dances around in my head…

And thanks for letting me into yours…


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