Saturday, December 22, 2012

Still here!

Greetings good citizen,

Aren’t you sick and tired of being treated like an idiot? And not just by everybody but by the one source you should be able to trust…the fucking media.

Gunplay aside, how do we deal with nonsense like this?
Obama Presses Stripped-Down Plan to Limit Tax Increase


President Obama, conceding that a "grand bargain" for deficit reduction with Speaker John A. Boehner is unlikely, called for Congress to approve a more modest measure by year's end.

Video: Fiscal Cliff Looms
Seriously good citizen, if there were any such thing as a ‘fiscal cliff’ we would have fallen off/over it five years ago when the financial markets seized solid!

As I have stated many times before, our global financial markets are bankrupt and nothing short of the ‘reset button’ can save them…

So what the fuck have the thieves been doing for the past five years?

(Actually they’ve been doing exactly what you suspect they’ve been doing, living good while the fraud lasts!)

It brings us full circle with the issue of, “If the >One Percent took over, would they tell us?”

Why many of you would opine the answer would be yes, they have no compelling reason to…just as Voldemort was perfectly content to let the rest of the world believe he didn’t exist, so it is with the One Percent.

I keep pointing to the ‘ease’ with which the ‘masters of all they surveyed’ stepped down from the throne (and locked themselves in their treasuries) without a fight.

The greatest gift they ever gave themselves is the illusion of someone else being ‘in charge’.

Think the ‘kings’ are gone? Think again.

Where has the law gone? It has gone to the men whose word IS law…a world we rebelled against long ago…but failed to extinguish the poisonous roots of a persistent and noxious weed.

Again, it was mistakenly ‘assumed’ that ‘dethroning’ them was all it took to remove them from power.

Not so because even ‘deposed’ royalty still has, er, ‘followers’ (mostly those who owe their positions to the royals.)

Odd how denouncing the old ways is enough to protect what loyalty gained for the shiftless…and being shiftless, they play both ends against the middle, switching allegiance as necessary.

Under A Simple Plan these ‘shifting allegiances’ won’t help because power will be in a constant state of flux.

Those who have it this year will be somewhere else next year…by design.

Naturally, only the mentally competent will be permitted to become citizens under A Simple Plan, it you test positive for the gene that causes ‘zero-empathy’ you will be, er, ‘isolated’ from society, placed where you can not harm others or yourself.

Sounds harsh but there is no cure…and no amount of ‘coaching’ can change that.

(If we fail to cull the predators from among us our civilization will be consumed…how’s that for your ‘dry, intellectual opinion’?)

How do I get you to respond to the gravity of the situation?

I can’t.

Are you scared?

You damn well better be!

The psychopaths in charge will soon run what passes for our civilization off a cliff and, as we have seen, it won’t be a financial one, per se.
News Analysis
Events Recall a More Bipartisan Era, and Highlight Gridlock of Today


A political opposition that is still bitter about President Obama's victory remains unwilling to compromise on social policy, economics or foreign affairs.

So I ask you again, good citizen…

Are the >One Percent compelled to tell us that they have hijacked our government?

Obviously not (nor is it in their interest to do so.)

Instead you are expected to believe that we are suffering from the ‘side-effects’ of our ‘imperfect’ system of government. A system made more imperfect by those with a vested interest in convincing the pubic that ‘self rule’ is a ‘bad thing’.

(The alternative of voting for representation will be no representation at all.)

Look at all of the criminals the current system ignores! (Mind you, these criminals are the same people that don’t want you to have a say in your own affairs!)

They are, in fact, our politicians…corrupt to the core and criminals one and all.

But you didn’t need me to point that one out, did you?

Under A Simple Plan there are no more ‘politicians’ nor are there any ‘elections’. The only thing you’ll cast a ballot for is to weigh in on what should or should not become law of the land.

(And there is a very specific process to safeguard against ‘heads I win and tails you lose’ legislation from even getting proposed, much less put up for consideration. That’s what Leadership is about.)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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