Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Justice & Civilization

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As expected, the fiscal cliff turned into an easily surmounted molehill as the Senate did what the Republican controlled House refused to do:
Senate Passes Legislation to Allow Taxes on Affluent to Rise

The Senate easily passed the measure, which also put off cuts in spending, early on Tuesday after the deadline on the so-called fiscal cliff had passed. Republican House aides said a vote Tuesday was possible.

Voting on New Years Day? Is this so the Republicans can claim they weren’t there when those sneaky liberals raised taxes on their constituents?

The ‘lame-stream media’ has to quit playing the majority of the population for chumps. We all know why it’s going down this way, to provide the media with the claim that the nation is more divided than it really is.

That little lie is key to maintaining ‘the tyranny of the minority’. A full half of us have to be A.) clinically insane or B.) impossibly stupid to believe half of the shit the Corporate owned media claims.

Speaking of ‘Barking Mad’:
Shares End Higher on Hope for Fiscal Deal

Stocks surged after reports emerged that an agreement might be near in Washington.
As I mentioned yesterday, markets climbed ‘irrationally’ after falling below the 13,000 point mark for the fourth time in as many weeks.

Again, the significance is mostly psychological.

Speaking of ‘Psycho’:
A Year of Market Gains, Despite Turmoil

Stock markets in Europe and the United States turned out to be good investments in 2012, even as governments battled economic problems that threatened disaster.

The thing to keep in mind good citizen is how one thing and one thing only enabled the thieves to, er, ‘dummy up’ the markets and it is something I am constantly reminding you of:


This ‘success’ they speak of is simply moving the goal posts around to reflect a different picture that doesn’t necessarily reflect ‘reality’.

And speaking of reality:
Amichai Shulman, the chief technology officer at Imperva. The data security firm recently found that antivirus software programs perform poorly against new viruses.
Outmaneuvered at Their Own Game, Antivirus Makers Struggle to Adapt

Consumers and businesses spend billions of dollars a year on antivirus software, but these programs rarely block freshly minted strains, because the malware creators move too fast.
Um, probably wouldn’t be a good time to bring up the subject of ‘why’ malware developers do what they do, would it? It’s because the hackers pay handsomely…something they wouldn’t be able to do under A Simple Plan ‘cuz money wouldn’t work like that anymore.

Our next headline is creepy all by itself because the ‘as compared to what?’ question is left unaddressed:
Chinese Manufacturing Sector Expands for a 3rd Month

The results of a closely watched survey underline the view that the world’s second-largest economy has settled into a mild rebound that is likely to extend into 2013.


A ‘rebound’ that is ‘likely to extend’ into 2013? What does this line tell you good citizen?

It tells me the global economy is fubar.

If you start stacking up the implications of this statement a chilling reality is revealed.

Or perhaps we need look no further than our final headline:

Visa Issue in China Forces Out Times Reporter

Visa troubles for the reporter and for the new Beijing bureau chief of The Times come amid government pressure on the foreign media over investigations into the finances of senior Chinese leaders.

I know this is the first time (this year) I will suggest such impossibilities as corruption on a global level, indicating collusion around the globe to rob civilization blind…simply because they CAN!

Understand that these, er, ‘miscreants’ have no intention of ‘getting caught’ or paying the price for their crimes, they’d sooner turn the world to glass.

In fact, I suspect nuclear blackmail is one of the key levers they use to keep the authorities at bay.

But the failure of justice is the failure of society, there is no ‘two ways’ about it.

More so than ‘love and marriage’, you truly can’t have one without the other.

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