Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Hail the Tin Man!

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The markets are cliff diving but this is part of their ‘expressing the will of the One Percent’ to our politicians, er, 'function'.

When our ‘investor class’ is displeased, they express their…er, ‘displeasure’ by driving the markets down (literally taking money out of the politicians pockets.)

What works for management works doubly well for political pawns, ‘behave’ and the value of your ‘gimme’ shares increases, displease us and the value drops.

But hey, this isn’t about the no longer has anything to do with anything markets…which begs the question of how long the infamous ‘they’ can keep this charade up? (The answer is, of course, for as long as you buy into it!)

Let us commence our examination of today’s snapshot of social mayhem with this lead story:
The iEconomy
ON THE LINE Workers assembling Hewlett-Packard computers at a plant in Chongqing, China, operated by Foxconn of Taiwan.
Signs of Changes Taking Hold in Electronics Factories in China

After the hardships of workers in China’s electronics factories were exposed to a global audience, working conditions have changed.

More interesting is how the ‘well’ of young Chinese workers isn’t as ‘bottomless’ as was originally assumed.

Treat people like livestock and they will soon refuse to take your wages…which is only the beginning of the revolt.

Now, for another story that refuses to die!
Toyota Agrees to Settle Lawsuit Tied to Accelerations

Toyota would pay more than $1 billion, giving cash to vehicle owners for the loss of value from multiple recalls and installing special safety features on up to 3.2 million cars.

Must be the reason why the rest of the world thinks (knows) Americans are STUPID, didn’t YO already ‘settle’ this suit once? (And aren’t STUPID Americans still buying YO’s?)

Number ONE in reliability and safety…

WHO IS J.D. Powers and why should I give a fuck what they think?

Which is to point out that I had NEVER heard of ‘J.D. Powers BEFORE they named Toyota the number one quality car manufacturer in the world.

Ask around…you’ll get the same results. Nobody else has either despite a whole generation having grown up with this piece of fiction being repeated until it became undisputed fact.

ALL HAIL THE TIN MAN (and his empty head, filled with the ‘knowledge’ the deceivers want him to have.)

At the risk of repeating myself, here is more proof of the ‘markets as whip’ theory.
Shares Edge Down After Reid’s Remarks

Stocks on Wall Street stepped back after breaking the fiscal impasse in Washington looked more unlikely.

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall 10:08 AM ET
Liberal press, what liberal press? (Yet conservo-loonies won’t even click on the NY Times because of it’s ‘liberal bias’, like a fuckwit conservo-loonie would know a liberal from libertarian!)

Note it isn’t ‘Beaners’ stonewalling that is blocking the path to compromise but that asshole Reid, (the flaming ‘liberal’) that is blocking the possibility of ‘reasonable compromise’ according to our Corporate Owned Media…

Methinks the muthafucka’s has overplayed this card a bit much…and it’s gonna blow up on ‘em.
House Republican leaders called on the Senate to act on fiscal legislation, which focused new attention on Senator Mitch McConnell,

Senators to Return With 5 Days Left and No Clear Fiscal Path

Adding to the tension over a pileup of threatened tax increases and spending cuts, the Treasury secretary notified Congress that the government would hit its borrowing limit on Monday.

Now, have you asked yourself which Republican would be WORSE than Beaner? That’s right it’s Bitch McConnell!

Which (naturally) makes him next in line!

Now can we all sit here and do a big WTF!

Are you sick and tired of the One Percenters using their influence to block change (never mind justice) at every turn?

Isn’t it time we got to vote DIRECTLY on the laws we ALL must live under?

Then it’s time for A Simple Plan!

But no! The idiots the Too Wealthy To Ignore allow to run (and they do ‘sniff test’ every one!) will NEVER straighten things out on their own.

And that’s today’s snapshot of the collapse of western civilization.

Which, I would opine, it is no longer possible to save all of it but it should be possible to save key pieces…if we hurry and act swiftly.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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