Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not I

Greetings good citizen,

The NYSE opened moments ago but it seems ‘the action’ is in Washington this week rather than on Wall Street.

Where we are, once again, having a ‘fight’ that shouldn’t be happening.

Democrats led by Obama and Republicans led by House Speaker John Boehner say it's critical to reach a deal this month. Yet both sides appear dug in over taxes. And their two plans are far apart on how much to cut spending while the economy is still recovering from the last recession.

So far, Boehner said, "we're nowhere." If compromise were easy for this bunch, they wouldn't be in this jam. A good chunk of the fiscal cliff — the automatic spending cuts known as the "sequester" — is an artificial deadline created by Congress in hopes of forcing itself to come up with a deficit-cutting plan. It arrives at the same time as the expiration of the George W. Bush-era income tax cuts and other temporary tax breaks scheduled to end unless Congress extends them. Together the taxes and cuts would equal close to $700 billion in deficit reduction over 2013.

Congress could vote to override all this and essentially freeze taxes and spending where they are now while the economy heals. But Obama and lawmakers, especially Republicans bent on budget-cutting, see the fiscal cliff as the critical moment to overcome inertia on the nation's long-term debt crisis.

How ironic is it good citizen that, if the two parties involved were on more ‘amicable terms’ NONE OF THIS would be happening?

But no, the Republican’s (suffering from their usual ‘post election amnesia’) have decided to make the rest of the nation regret allowing Republicans a place on the ballot!

(We should seriously test these people, if not for psychosis then for competency!)

Do we need to pass legislation that bars psychopaths from holding elected office?

WHO would disagree with mandated testing? (Besides Republican’s and their backers?)

Same thing with the ‘fiscal cliff’.

Although perhaps the first question that we’d need to address is WHY we keep returning to this same spot every few months?

Is it because the government is incapable of ‘managing money’ or is it this broken economic model the One Percent prevents us from abandoning?

Understand good citizen, the only time a nation EVER ‘pays off’ its debts is when it is liquidated!

Supposedly the former Soviet Union drown in a sea of ‘red ink’, which ‘disappeared’ once the Soviet Union was no more. (One of those weird things regarding changes in management…even when the old boss becomes the new boss…and nothing but the packaging changes.)

Did I mention that our civilization is SEVERELY ‘mis-managed’?

And the only way to correct this is to throw out the old regime and establish a new way of doing things.

It’s not that hard and we DON’T need to re-invent the wheel, we just need a new way of restoring justice, perhaps we can even reach that surprisingly elusive goal of ‘justice for all’.

But no, we keep letting the psychopaths among us decide what needs doing and how it needs to be done.

Did you know there’s a test for that now?

Have YOU noticed the corporate owned media is ignoring this important medical breakthrough?

Being capable of screening for psychosis HUGE! It SHOULD alter the course of human destiny…unless the psychopaths are allowed to, er, ‘prevent’ their detection (and summary demotion/exile from society.)

But I digress…

More disturbing to me is the ‘line in the sand’ over ‘new taxes’.

How about going back to Old taxes?

A MAJORITY of the nation agrees that the >One Percent isn’t paying their ‘fair share’ (neither at tax time nor at the payroll office.)

Those millions they keep for themselves are all raises YOU never got and lower prices you don’t pay.

WHY do we let these people FUCK us like this? (Worse, why does the government let them get away with it?)

Is it because someday we hope to be able to fuck our fellow citizens the exact same way?

(That’s the ‘excuse’ the conservo-whackos are sticking with…we all want to fuck the public so we can be rich! [thus do we deserve the screwing we get!])

Is this the kind of society you WANT to belong to?

Not I said little goat gruff!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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