Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's in it for you?

Greetings good citizen,

After plummeting last week the stock market is in positive territory as far as the eye can see this morning…I don’t need to caution you that a lot can change in a few hours.

For some bizarre reason, last week’s ‘losing propositions’ have, once again, magically transformed themselves into ‘bargains’ as ‘traders’ demonstrate their complete lack of rationality.

What if the whole world was subject to this utterly irrational behavior? Would civilization even exist?

The disturbing answer to the second statement is yes because the only thing that is ‘irrational’ about civilization is the totally arbitrary rules regarding money.

The true mystery is why we continue to tolerate this nonsense.

Sadly, the answer comes in the form of ‘you don’t have a choice’ and for some really bizarre reason, the topic never seems to come up in polite conversation…

I don’t need to rub your nose in the pile of excrement for you to make the connection. You ‘slave away’ for the same thing the assholes gets handed to them by the bucketful for doing nothing.

You want a ‘little more’? You are forced to prove you are ‘deserving’ of more, usually by knifing your co-workers in the back.

The self-serving chiseler that pays you has ZERO incentive to pay you a solitary penny MORE than anyone else…and (s)he pays all of them the least (s)he can get away with.

You know it’s not ‘worth it’ but it’s the ‘only game in town’, well there is another game but it isn’t nearly as much fun…if that’s what you want to call the daily exercise in humiliation you currently experience.

Which brings us to the ‘starting point’ of A Simple Plan, what’s in it for you?

If it takes more than a ‘leveling of the playing field’ to satisfy you then you aren’t going to like this; which is sad because you probably have never considered just how much better off you’d be if only you could catch an even break!

Think about this one for a minute…what if you WEREN’T someone else’s ‘income stream’? How many things are you forced to pay for (most of them perpetually) that should be ‘free’?

Understand that 99% of all personal income is derived from ‘paychecks’, only owners get to pay themselves, er, ‘creatively’.

Is the answer we’re looking for here to have everybody become ‘owners’?

There’s a damn good reason ‘capitalist utopia’ doesn’t exist and the simple answer is ‘market share’.

Here’s our ‘educational thought’ for the day…how many of you are aware that your employer charges more for your services than (s)he pays you? More interestingly, there is a ‘multiplier’ involved…this multiplier varies with the specific industry and in some cases it gets pretty outrageous.

For example Cisco Systems (a few years back) reported they ‘earned’ over $600,000 ‘per employee’…and you know damn well they don’t pay the rank and file anywhere near that much!

Why doesn’t ‘management’ accept the same conditions they force upon you?

If we flip that rock over we arrive at the price issue, how much more are you paying so the management at Cisco can ‘reap’ $600,000 each on every employee they have?

How is this NOT price gouging?

Just a little something to think about; worse, this is related to the ‘goofiness’ that is stock prices!

Essentially, everything is free (to the ‘owner’) and because of this, ‘stocks’ are worthless.

Stick ‘em up!

Which is another way of saying if ‘money’ doesn’t make any sense then working for money makes even less sense!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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