Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This guy 'gets it'...

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At the end of the day good citizen it is important to remain focused on the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) which the incomparable Joe Bageant points out is…calories.

Like a business, any life unit that fails to collect enough calories soon ceases to exist. Why would this be important to focus on, here in the ‘golden west’?

Because here capitalists tell you that calories are of no consequence, you need to keep your eye on the gold! (Which is actually worthless, especially when you need something to eat.) Yes good citizen the day when the moronic greed-heads get to check out their ‘theory’ that gold = money is rapidly coming upon us and it will be proven once again that lead serves this purpose much more effectively!

With a major source of food being wiped out by an alleged ‘accident’ and many other sources being removed from service to build industrial complexes on (farms to factories) calories are going to become mighty expensive/scarce.

Left to our collective imagination is why the ‘more for me’ management system continues to be tolerated? Why are our collective resources squandered so ‘a few can be rich’?

Worse, more than a few of those ‘lucky souls’ only achieve ‘relative wealth’, they have a little more than their dirt poor peers, who they have sold out in order to obtain their minor advantage.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Mr. Bageant’s latest screed you can find it here.

He makes many points that are worth noting such as:

Along with the EU, Japan and the rest of the industrial world, the US continues to flood the market with cheap credit. That would be hunky dory, if [there] was actually wealth for anybody but a banker. The real problems are debt and fraud, and tripling the debt in order to cover up the fraud. And pretending there no natural costs of our actions, that we do not have to rob the natural world to crank up the money world through debt.

As I have stated before, money is an extremely ‘abused’ tool that was originally intended to restrict access; criminals quickly found the flaw in that plan. Physical money ‘accumulates’. All you need to do is grab money from the points where it accumulates and you have all of the access you want! Defeating the ‘purpose’ of having a ‘medium of exchange’.

Worse, those ‘entrusted’ with creating and distributing ‘money’ have, er, ‘helped themselves’ further diluting/defeating the ‘intended purpose’ of a medium of exchange.

Sumthin' fer nuthin'

The main feature of capitalism is the seductive assertion that you can get something for nothing in this world. That you can manufacture wealth through money manipulation, and that it is OK to steal and hold captive the people's medium of exchange, then charge them out the ass for access. That you can do so with a clear conscience. Which you can, you are the kind of sleazy prick who has inherited or stole enough wealth to get into the game.

The problem with the answer is that economy is now toxed out. Radioactive. Crawling with paper vermin and all manner of vermin, especially toxic derivatives -- about $1.4 quadrillion worth (even as we are still trying to get used to hearing the term trillions), according to the Bank of National Settlements. That is 1,000 trillion, or $190,000 for every human being on the planet. There is not now, and never will be, enough wealth to cover that puppy -- because there is not enough natural world under the puppy to create it. Not the way capitalism creates wealth. [This speaks directly to the ‘scale’ of the theft that is taking place. Ironically, the most common ‘defense’ of this practice in ‘everybody’s doing it’ (but you need to have access, which ‘everybody’ don’t have!) Left unanswered here is how do you put a stop to this before it stops by itself? And it will, eventually, stop by itself. It is already becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the fiction of value/worth with so much theft going on.]

As the economy slowly implodes, money will become more volatile stuff than it already is. The value and availability of money is sure to fluctuate wildly. Most people don't have the luxury of escaping the money economy, so they will be held hostage and milked hard again by the same people who just drained them in the bailouts. As usual, the government will be right there to see that everybody plays by the rules. Those who have always benefited by capitalism's rules will benefit more. That cadre of "money professionals" which holds captive the nation's money supply, and runs things according to the rules of money, can never lose money. It writes the rules. And rewrites them when it suits the money elite's interests. Capitalism, the Christian god, democracy, the Constitution.

These are snippets from the whole article, which is very much worth the read (if only to put these snippets ‘in context’!)

Mr. Bageant does something else that few others do, he acknowledges that we are in a ‘no win’ situation that most of us CAN’T escape from.

It is not uncommon to read articles that pointedly ‘blame the victim’ when most of us are powerless to effect change (and it really frosts my ass when I encounter them.)

Sorry about not posting yesterday, the ‘honey-do list’ continues to expand beyond the time allotted to complete it.

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