Friday, July 23, 2010

Three dog night

Greetings good citizen,

Geez, it seems yesterday’s ‘rally’ had as much behind it as the prior day’s sell-off because today’s market has returned to ‘neutral’. There’s nobody buying or selling…a phenomenon that has been the ‘norm’ for quite a while now but the fucktards in the MSM don’t think that’s news!

You know what a ‘hoodwink’ is, don’t you good citizen? Remove the ‘wink’ and you’ve got the answer, it is an opaque bag they throw over your head so you can’t see.

Well, nobody likes being hoodwinked. The question is whether or not the bag is necessary to accomplish the job?

The MSM realized long ago that it could hoodwink the consumer without the bag because the public has a (deeply disturbing) tendency to believe whatever the media tells them, even when it is demonstrably false! (For an idea of where this is heading you need merely look at Faux News for a sample of ‘newsertainment’ in action.)

Just because nobody has forced a bag over your head does not mean you aren’t being hoodwinked!

Okay, so what if they ‘lie’ about the Stock Market…no harm, no foul…right?

That’s the prevailing belief good citizen, that ‘fluffing’ the stock markets is done to ‘boost confidence’ in the economy. What harm can that do?

Considering how badly ‘mis-managed’ the economy is, it harms all of us plenty!

Worse, the, er, ‘mask’ of creative accounting makes a ‘true accounting’ almost impossible to determine! [Another way of phrasing this is it is almost impossible to guage just how badly we are being ‘fucked’!]

Simply put good citizen, what’s going on is criminal and the bought and paid for MSM doesn’t want you to know about it.

As you know the stock market is the number one argument, in fact, the only ‘tangible’ evidence that the ‘economic recovery’ even exists!

As today’s market ‘proves’, if it weren’t for the trading desks of the big investment banks there wouldn’t be any market activity…or there would be a huge ‘rush to the exits’ IF investors thought they could ‘get out’ reasonably intact. (They know they can’t so most of them stay in.)

ASSUMING I have made myself understood (a lot of people have mental blocks when it comes to this shit!) What should we ‘do’ about the toxic environment we are being ‘stewed & screwed’ in?

If you find yourself wondering what ‘toxic environment’ I’m referring to, you obviously didn’t comprehend my point…so I will explain further:

You are being lied to. Not just about the economy but about pretty much everything. Worse, nothing will be done to, er, ‘repair’ the damage that has been done because the perps, the ‘buyers’ of what passes for a government around here, don’t want it ‘fixed’.

What the idiot politicians don’t realize (but you don’t either) is they can be hanged for what they have, er, ‘neglected to do’.

In the process of explaining what’s going on we have also covered what needs to be done, the first step in restoring ‘liberty’ is to re-establish justice by restoring the ‘rule of law’.

Our politicians have sold the public interest for personal gain…this is treason, a hanging offense.

A Simple Plan contains the details of how we would avoid returning to this same spot. Educate yourself before you argue to ‘save the traitors’ (or worse, to save the system that spawned them!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


(PS. I have an extraordinarily full dance card this weekend so consider this ‘fair warning’.)

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