Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Royal Bull's Eye

Greetings good citizen,

The markets had a ‘stellar’ day yesterday (for no particularly good reason, as usual) while the ‘real’ economy continued to tank.

Are the markets really ‘rising’ or are we observing the considerably more disturbing phenomenon of watching the ‘coin of the realm’ being diluted into nothingness?

Think about it good citizen, the markets shed some nine thousand points then, without anything actually ‘changing’, they tacked four thousand points back on. How much trouble do you think we’re in if those four thousand points are what I suggest they are (a subjective value adjustment?)

What does this say for you, who are paid in these diluted instruments? Worse, you are expected to work just as hard for money that buys you considerably less…can you say ‘fucked’?

Increasingly, more and more of us are finding we can’t survive on what we are paid, the paycheck doesn’t cut it…what do you think your boss is doing about that?

That’s right, he’s sending your job to the cheaper there, it’s a ‘win-win’ for him!

Left unexplored is how the chiseling fucks who are responsible for these, er, ‘irregularities’ manage to stay alive? Judges have bodyguards these days, you don’t suppose ‘currency manipulators’ have them too, do you?

Um, this crap doesn’t happen by itself, somebody is giving the orders, ‘calling the shots’ if you will and this is the same person who is threatening to crash the world’s economies if we don’t go along with it (or so our idiot politicians believe.)

Well good citizen, what do you do when you discover something is broken? You either fix it or you replace it…although you could ignore it but that makes other problems significantly worse.

We’ve ignored our broken political system for a long time, we will soon no longer enjoy that luxury.

Funny how certain ‘institutions’ depend upon the continued function of other institutions, the political system of a nation with an ‘unviable’ economy is worthless.

For all of the claptrap about economic recovery, what do your ‘lying eyes’ tell you?

There ain’t no recovery, not where it matters…all you have is roadblocks as far as the eye can see.

Naturally, we arrive at the fateful question, is it the system that is broken or is it just the players who have gotten too big for their britches?

Since most of you have been ‘indoctrinated’ to believe that ‘I got mine, fuck you’ capitalism is as good as it gets, you might be inclined to ‘replace’ the incumbents with ‘fresh blood’, wipe out past ‘mistakes’ and start over with a (more or less) clean slate.

Odd that something like this brings us full circle to the old if you took all of the money in the world and divided it equally among all of the world’s people, the ones who had it taken away from them would end up with it back again.

Bizarrely, the explanation for this ‘logical outcome’ is these people ‘have a knack for making money’ (which is an absolute lie!) because the truth is these people ‘get theirs’ through their (legal) control of the markets…no ‘knack’ (or mystery) involved.

While many people suspect ‘money’ is the problem it is not…although it is very close because money is ‘a legal construct’.

Our social problems, ALL OF THEM, lie with the LAW!

The first problem we encountered was the collection of ‘backwoods lawyers’ that gathered (in secret) to write the, er, ‘laws’ of this country (which tended to benefit attendees/invitees considerably more than those who remained unaware of what was going on…)

AND THEN the appointed, not elected Senate of each state ‘ratified’ this treacherous document that conservatives revere, a masterwork so nasty and bulletproof that despots around the world stepped off of their thrones in support of it!

Finally, the ‘Bulls Eye’ removed from the backs of Royalty!

Well, if you consider the origins, the document modern politicians are ‘sworn to uphold’ isn’t as wonderful as some imagine it to be. I has done absolutely zero to protect you from the predations of the powerful as we can see today (and through our extremely bloody national history.)

Understand good citizen, history, as it has been taught to you, is neither the ‘whole story’ nor a true recounting of events past.

The ‘Shot Heard ‘Round The World’ isn’t what it’s been made out to be, the ‘surprise overthrow’ of the world’s mightiest Empire isn’t how it actually went down.

The real ‘achievement’ of the American Revolution was the solution to the ‘Royal Bull’s Eye’ problem. The Royals still call the shots even though most of them abdicated their thrones centuries ago.

Naturally, the ‘test case’ for ‘government in a box’ had to by necessity swear off any connection to Royalty.

Is that how you want your children raised, to bow and scrape to Royals who were never defeated; understand these are people who consider you to be no better than a slave, a servant to be disposed of at a whim.

If you work for a paycheck, you’re a peasant…no matter how big that check is.

I think it’s time for paychecks all around!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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