Monday, July 26, 2010

The not quite so 'silent majority'

Greetings good citizen,

I kept my ears open as I attended social gatherings this weekend, what do you suppose I encountered? A good deal of indifference mixed with a general feeling of fear that things are headed in the wrong direction, for a laundry list of reasons.

What I found particularly, er, ‘amusing’ is how conservatives seem perplexed by the extreme divisions in our society (just who do you think has been hammering on those ‘wedges’ all of these years?)

A house divided against itself cannot stand. The only reason this house hasn’t blown itself to bits is because people still don’t quite believe the worst of their fellow man…yet.

It’s a ‘critical mass’ thing. The pressure is building but these things take time.

As I have stated numerous times before, you wake the Giant at your own peril. We can only pray that those who have poked it the hardest suffer the full consequences of their foolishness.

Unfortunately, those of us preaching unity also risk the wrath of the Giant. Any who speak out make themselves a target.

The Giant doesn’t give a fuck; it kills indiscriminately.

Not that this will stop a ‘true believer’…death, however, does a rather effective job of crushing ‘dissent’.

Which is to point out that it is already too late for many of us to ‘shut up’…target selection has been underway for quite a while now on both sides of the political fence.

What I find particularly disturbing is the growing consensus that ‘the system’ is broken. Continued participation is increasing viewed as ‘futile’ yet there is no ‘public dialog’ about changing the system. (You don’t suppose the corporate takeover of the MSM has anything to do with this disturbing silence, do you?)

Beneath each of these expressions of ‘civic concern’ is the implicit question of just when ‘hostilities’ are going to break out. Some even openly speculate between whom the battle will be fought…

Since there is no discussion of what our options are, we only have ‘one option’, the way things are…you’re expected to take it and like it…even as the situation becomes increasingly more mercenary due to extreme mis-management.

You can’t keep yelling ‘every man for themselves’ and then act surprised when it actually happens! (Yet conservatives do precisely this with ‘frightening regularity’…always insisting they have been ‘mis-interpreted’.)

When, in fact, it is exactly the outcome they were seeking.

Which leads us where good citizen? The best thing about somebody expressing ‘conservative beliefs’ is it marks them as A.) Stupid and B.) Untrustworthy/unreliable; as someone who can’t be counted on for the smallest of things.

Consider for a moment your conservative ‘acquaintances’ and siblings for the validity of the above statement. Simply put, of all of the people you know, who do you trust the least?

What you need to take note of the ‘amazing coincidence’ between weasely behavior and conservatism.

Really ragging on that one in five minority today, ain’t I?

That being a fact just how does such an unpopular political movement remain viable? This, bizarrely, brings us full circle to the ‘untrustworthy’ aspect of this equation…

Remember; I’ll never tell you what to think, good citizen, my job is to give you something to think about!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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