Friday, July 30, 2010

THIS is Democracy?

Greetings good citizen,

I received an e-mail from Media Matters a short time ago urging me to join them in ‘petitioning’ the advertisers who support Fox New’s Glen Beck to withdraw their support from both the show and the network.


Because Mr. Beck claims certain progressive organizations (including the current administration) are ‘undermining democracy’.

What do you suppose was the first thing to pop into my feeble mind?

THIS is Democracy? WTF is stupid babbling about?

Let’s be clear good citizen, conservatives don’t give a flying fuck about democracy, civil rights or racism, much less ‘due process’.

Allow me to, er, ‘re-focus’ your attention on what this whole shouting match is about.

It is about the ‘rule of law’ and their unvarnished hatred of democracy in all of its forms.

They only want you to think one thing good citizen, and they want you to repeat it like a mantra so it crowds out every other thought. Do you know what that one thing is?

They want to return to the days when government was indistinguishable from religion and three words ran constantly through everyone’s mind…and those three words were…

Don’t kill me!

Disagree, complain, object and there is only swift and sure ‘retribution’…express any of those ‘heretical’ thoughts and be summarily executed.

Now you have an accurate mental picture of what ‘Conservative Utopia’ looks like.

Naturally, there’s one small ‘hitch’ to this, er, plan…finding enough religious zealots stupid enough to believe that YOU speak for their ‘God’.

Oh, and make no mistake about it good citizen, when things turn ‘grim’, the morons among us turn to god…which leads us to the very intentional ‘destruction’ of the world’s economy.

What poetic justice it would be to send these shiftless fuckers to what they would consider ‘hell’, a place where their survival depended upon their mutual, ongoing, cooperation.

Understand; Superman doesn’t need anybody to succeed. In fact, all of those other ‘useless fucks’ are in the way!

There is no need to execute the criminally insane, just give them enough rope and they’ll execute themselves.

But I digress…back to ‘democracy’ and those who are seen as ‘undermining it’.

Do you think anyone (and I mean anyone) who supports our current system of government is a ‘supporter of democracy?’

They most definitely are NOT.

Anyone who supports stripping YOU of YOUR RIGHT to choose is no friend/supporter of democracy!

Most of you are totally ignorant of the fact that this is precisely what the ‘Founding Fathers’ did when they drafted the ‘Constitution’ (in secret, during an ‘invitation-only’ locked and guarded meeting!)

Their ‘choice’ of a ‘representative’ government meant only those who could afford to ‘purchase’ a representative would be ‘represented’. Much is made of your ability to ‘vote’ but what good has it done you? (The most recent administration is a perfect example of just how ‘futile’ voting really is.) Do you honestly believe you can ‘elect’ a responsible, competent government?

Short answer, NO…nor did the founders believe/desire such nonsense!

The purpose of a ‘representative’ government is to prevent you from voting directly upon the laws we, er, ‘all’ must live by…that would be ‘true’ democracy.

Which is to say the damn revolution was ‘stolen’ before the corpses of the revolutionary soldiers were even cold.

What’s that? You don’t want to vote directly on the laws?

You’re perfectly happy letting someone else decide?

How then do you suppose we ended up where we are standing today?

This brings us back to the old ‘all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.’

Is that what you want?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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