Monday, July 5, 2010

Reform - Revisited

Greetings good citizen,

Lack of permanence is one of the hallmarks of my generation, those who have, er, managed to remain stationary have done so by swallowing an enormous load of…er, negativity.

After being chased off of the decidedly Libertarian leaning Daily Kos over three years ago, I have once again been required to ‘pull up stakes’ as Conceptual Guerilla heads in a ‘new’ (purer) direction.

So, in this latest ‘incarnation’ or rebirth, I am faced with the task of re-focusing upon what is important.

First things first, I’ve decided I need to get rid of the opt in screen, this will necessitate ‘cleaning up my act’ as well as requiring me to bite my tongue more than I prefer.

Dunno if you can lift that bad boy (filter) off of an existing blog; I may be forced to create a new one. (If you start seeing links here you’ll know what happened.)

Another ‘change’ will be a heavier reliance of ‘original content’, You already know the media lies, my repeating that over and over again changes/adds nothing. Worse, the MSM seldom reports on issues that directly effect you on a day to day basis, so we don’t get to reflect on what matters, we are distracted with ‘pie in the sky/emergency of the moment’.

No links in today’s post (and probably a lot fewer of them in future posts as well.)

So what is ‘important’? Failure to plan ahead on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part…what is important to me may not be a ‘front burner’ issue to you but believe me, it IS important.

And what could be more important than a workable solution to the predatory mess that is collapsing around our ears?

If we don’t know what to do, nothing will be done…or worse, those who have their own agenda to advance will implement it unopposed (and un-discussed.)

‘A Simple Plan’ is soup to nuts and, as one critic pointed out, it’s not very simple. (I’d be very leery of any concept that attempted to re-arrange the foundations of society that was too simplistic, there’s a lot to address!)

On a ‘step by step’ basis there is nothing ‘complex’ about A Simple Plan, each ‘block’ is simple to understand and dovetails smoothly with the other blocks. (So smooth is this dovetailing that even the uninitiated should be able to spot ‘additions/subtractions’ to the plan.)

If your mind isn’t locked into a box you can’t understand (how bizarre is it that understanding isn’t ‘necessary’, only your blind acceptance is required/demanded.) Follow me into the realm of what ‘could be’. A world that actually ‘makes sense’…how’s that for a ‘novel concept?’

Here the math works out to the same simple result, if enough of us desire change, change will happen. The only reason change has not come already is because all ‘improvements’ upon the existing system have been suppressed/ignored.

Those who benefit the most from the way things are have actively prevented discussion of the system as it exists or how it could be improved upon, while simultaneously claiming that what we have ‘can’t’ be improved upon…it’s already as good as it gets!

This is ‘conservatism’ my friends and lately anyone who challenges the status quo is marked as an ‘enemy of the State’ (same as it ever was.)

Well good citizen, the ‘status quo’ has ceased to have your best interests in mind for quite some time now, leaving open the question ‘what are you going to do about it?’

So far the answer to that question has been ‘nothing’, but push has finally come to shove my friend and at stake is your place at the table. Lose that place and you lose your children’s ability to survive.

Think it’s time for a change? Damn straight it is!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



  1. I enjoy your orginal commenting more than the MSM propaganda.

    It's a great change.