Sunday, July 11, 2010

Send in the clowns

Greetings good citizen,

Here in the home of the ‘world’s worst weather’ the heat wave continues unabated; this isn’t a good sign because around here record heat is usually followed up by record cold.

Today’s ‘top story’ in the NY Times is the tale of a ‘recovery’ of hiring on Wall Street. (Allegedly in ‘anticipation’ of economic recovery, where we can only wonder if their anticipating the same recovery they’ve been claiming was right around the corner for years or if this is supposed to be some ‘new’ development?)

Let’s do a little calculus here and see what a ‘pick up’ of hiring on Wall Street tells us. First, you have to have the ‘credentials’ to get offered a Wall Street job straight out of college. Like the ‘world class’ legal industry, this means your degree has to come from an Ivy League school (not that this has ‘improved’ the legal industry a single iota.)

We can go a step further and point out that we have suffered mightily because of the ‘in-breeding’ the ‘pay to play’ environment the college system supports.

I mean what do you need to work on Wall Street? First and foremost you need an ‘in’, someone who will vouch for you that you will not betray the secrets we call the ‘magic of Wall Street’.

So here (like most places) your reputation will precede you. It is not a reputation for brilliance one requires but a reputation for, er, ‘discretion’ that a striving Wall Streeter needs to cultivate.

Like a lot of things, there are some aspects of the job that can only be learned ‘hands on’, so you have to display an ‘aptitude’ for judging who you can screw with and who you can’t.

At the end of the day good citizen, the ‘Wall Streeter’ does nothing ‘productive’ for society, they merely pimp their side of a ‘trade’ (and they do this at the behest of their employer, although there is a degree of ‘self-interest’ involved as well.)

So, hiring on Wall Street is picking up…this tells us that ‘financial reform (which doesn’t take effect until 2022) is worthless.

Left to your imagination is whether or not there will even BE a Wall Street (besides the physical location) come 2022. It is not an idle question to ask if there will still be a USA in 2022 either.

Makes you wonder what they’re going to call the new place when ‘regime change’ becomes official?

Were I to ‘mentally prepare you’ for anything it would be the fact that the same sleazy characters who ran our nation off a cliff are the same ones who will be at the helm of a takeover, bizarrely, to save us from themselves!

This is more ‘change you can’t believe in’. This is the ‘Obama disappointment’ to the nth degree!

The only thing that will ‘change’ come the takeover is the job titles and a huge ‘hit’ in civil liberty.

Worse, it will be led by none other than Glen Beck and Sarah Palin; cheered on from the side lines by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity! (Although I think the ‘theocracy’ part is going to blow up in their faces…a case of classic ‘over-reach’.)

Sound clownishly insane? It is, which should give you an idea of what ‘kind’ of government you are being offered, a ‘corrected’ version of the one we already have, where it doesn’t matter who you vote for because they all take their orders from the same people. A government not even intended to ‘protect you’ (except from those who complain too loudly) You already know governments can’t govern! (The GOP has proven it repeatedly) You will get the government you ‘deserve’ a totally powerless body that will be used to enforce laws you have no say in, made by people they don’t apply to.

Welcome to hell, good citizen.

Fight, don’t fight, it doesn’t matter…you WILL die.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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