Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Rule of Man

Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to ‘Bizarro world’ where the relentless search for ‘income streams’ has suddenly made all manners of previously prohibited activity, er, ‘desirable’.

Congress is looking into ‘legalizing’ both Pot and Gambling so they can tax the both of them!

Isn’t this the ‘Disaster Capitalism’ Naomi Klein warned us about?

Which is to ask the more pertinent question of how legalizing socially questionable behavior is supposed to ‘stabilize’ our society?


I got no quarrel with pot (even if I don’t prefer it myself) nor do I ‘disapprove’ of gambling, as a pass time, for fun, where nobody gets hurt. I would strongly support legislation that made gambling losses uncollectable.

If you are dissatisfied with the gratification gained by ‘winning’, money isn’t going to make you any ‘happier’. Nor is ignorance or stupidity ‘justification’ for forcing poverty upon anyone!

Yet our, er, ‘mentally challenged’ legislators are having their feet held to the fire to pass legislation that will make a bad situation even worse!

Um, how many of you think it is a good idea to ‘legalize’ another way to operate under the influence? Yeah, people do it anyway but unlike booze, pot doesn’t stink. You can be stoned to the bone and not, except for bloodshot eyes, show any, er, evidence.

And blood-shot eyes could just as easily be hay fever or one of a million other ‘irritants’.

Worse, you can pick up pot in a blood test…if you smoked it anytime in the past month. How much difficulty will this create when it comes to proving the operator was incapacitated ‘at the time’?

Then there is the other side of the coin…doesn’t taxing more income streams just hand more ammunition to the ‘anti-tax’ Republicans?

You can just see it now, they will be ‘howling’ that pot farmers can’t expand their business because of the onerous taxes being levied on them!

Worse, the chiseling fucks will use the tax issue to ‘justify’ importing weed from cheaper labor pools, putting us right back to square one, job wise!

AND, don’t for a minute confuse ‘legalized possession’ with legalized sourcing. If you aren’t a ‘licensed’ pot farmer it will still be ‘illegal’ for YOU to grow your own weed!

You can screw with people’s lives, even throw them in a cesspool if you can turn a profit at it, but you can’t screw with a capitalist’s ‘income stream’. That is what ‘The Law’ exists to protect!

And if you don’t find that deeply disturbing you are fucked up in the head!

We keep bumping up against the same disturbing proposition repeatedly good citizen and that is the one about whether commerce exists to serve society or if it exists to serve those who have laid claim to it?

Ironically, those who ‘volunteered’ (by petitioning the people’s ‘guardian’ (government)) to ‘serve society’ have (unsurprisingly) ended up serving themselves instead (at the expense of those they claim to serve!)

Just because our elected officials have ‘turned a blind eye’ to this social responsibility doesn’t mean the rest of us should.

Here’s an amazing concept for you, ‘the will of the people IS the law!’

We are ‘denied’ our will when it comes down to determining precisely ‘who’ speaks for the people. The fools we elect CAN’T speak for ‘the people’ because they refuse to even talk to us! (They speak with campaign contributors only…and that is hardly ‘representative’.)

No good citizen, there is but one ‘solution’ to this conundrum, we must remove the law beyond the reach of the self-interested and we can only do that via direct democracy!

As long as the powerful have the power to manipulate the justice system, the rule of law will remain superceded by the rule of man…and I shall suffer no individual as my master!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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