Friday, July 9, 2010

Fraud and participation...

Greetings good citizen,

As the situation continues to deteriorate at an accelerating pace, the MSM continues to ignore the inevitable outcomes.

As Ilargi commented yesterday, most know that ‘change’ is coming…will this same ‘most’ accept whatever they are offered or do you think people will want a voice in the coming changes?

Bad news good citizen, you ain’t gonna get one. So far the wrangling for position has been confined to the periphery, things that are easily dismissed or explained away as not being what they appear to be…like the Halliburton detention centers. You’re a ‘paranoid lunatic’ if you think the US government would build prisons specifically for US citizens who haven’t ‘directly’ violated any laws…per se.

But, push is rapidly coming to shove and the game of ‘cat and mouse’ will soon be out in the open, they’ll have to make their move (although they are probably amazed they have gotten away with as much as they already have…)

Some (perhaps too few) view the last election as evidence that the ‘ballot box’ is broken beyond all repair. 230 years of consistent failure to protect the people of this nation from the predations of the powerful would be another ‘no brainer’ indication that the game is rigged and the ballot box is useless.

This spells trouble for the upcoming ‘mid-terms’ with a capital ‘T’. The GOP is suddenly remaking itself into the party of the revolution…hoping that nobody will remember that the crisis we are facing today has its roots in the Reagan Revolution (Which brought us globalization and the ‘desertification’ of the US/Western economies…)

I say some because it is difficult to guage just how deep the ‘dissatisfaction’ with our system of government actually is. The ‘Happy’ camp is miniscule, it is made up of incumbent politicians and their owners, nobody else sees this ending particularly well.

As you know, there is a ‘worse’ waiting here, this is me you’re dealing with and there’s always a ‘worse’.

Worse is the lack of consensus on what needs to be done to fix the current…well, depending on what side of the fence your lean on, even the situation runs the spectrum of possibilities/descriptions.

Depending on your mindset, the current situation ranges from 'economic downturn' to TEOTWAKI or anywhere in between. I personally find it astounding that some are still saying this mess can be 'fixed'. We most certainly will emerge from this crisis, the only question is what the 'body count' will be?

If you’re a ‘free-market Libertarian’ this is merely a hiccup in the road towards capitalist utopia, that magical land where all capitalists meet as equals in the marketplace while the ‘surplus population’ offs itself rather than starve to death.

Of course, there are very few people who are actually THAT deluded (although Rush Limbaugh and company would have you think otherwise.)

There is a larger segment (surprisingly large) that believes any possible ‘solution’ has to be beneficial to the rich and powerful first and foremost and whatever trickles down to the rest of us we need to make the best of.

The single most common objection I get to A Simple Plan is ‘the rich will never go for it’.

Which often makes me think I am talking to the walls…’who’ is ‘rich’? We’re talking less than 1 percent of the nation’s population…most of them are ‘trust fund babies’ they got theirs the ‘old fashioned way’, the inherited it!

This bizarrely causes some confusion because those people whose elevator doesn’t travel all the way to the top can’t see a problem with those who inherit ‘large sums of cash’.

It’s not the cash; it’s the resources! None of them are interested in Grampy’s bank account, let Junior have it as long as I get the old buck’s controlling interest in Proctor and Gambel!

A central premise of ‘A Simple Plan’ is the resources of this planet belong to ALL of us, this ‘finders keepers’ bullshit is what wars are made of! The resources of the planet MUST BE managed for all of the inhabitants and not just those who falsely claim them as theirs!

If there were any ‘justice’ in this wacky world of ours, claiming to ‘own’ what belongs to us all would earn the claimant an instant divorce from society along with the denial of their frivolous claim!

Perhaps we should end today’s piece with that thought…what does the enforcement of ‘property rights’ say about the mental fitness to judge?

Any so-called judge who backs up the claim of an individual vs. the needs of society is seriously mentally deficient! None of these fuckers can produce a valid ‘bill of sale’, not one!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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