Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shelf Life

Greetings good citizen,

Welcome to Super Sunday. I don’t follow sports although I know the local team blew it this year…which is part of the reason I don’t follow sports.

It’s not the failure but the influence of money that disturbs me regarding so-called ‘professional sports.’

I won’t watch the game (because I don’t care about the outcome.)

Ironically, the ‘owners’ don’t care either. It’s all about backsides in seats.

Well, my backside will be in a seat all right but it won’t be parked in front of ‘the idiot box’ (it will be parked in front of idiot box jr…which YOU happen to be sitting in front of.)

Here’s the world according to the business section of the NY Times on 2/3/13:
The Most Wanted Gun in America

Aggressive marketing and savvy manufacturing have helped recast the place of guns in American life, turning AR-15-style rifles into a fast-growing profit center.
At the Pasadena Pawn and Gun Shop in Maryland, customers can join a waiting list to buy an AR-15-style rifle. “It’s kind of fashionable,” Frank Loane Sr., the shop’s proprietor, said of the gun.
Nothing like the threat of a weapons ban to make people go crazy buying them up!

Like a lot of other things in life, people don’t think things through. Who are they going to shoot with their ‘new toy’?

Probably one of their relatives…or (surprise, surprise) they’re going to take the bad boy and go hunt down A.) Random strangers in a mall or B.) Their former co-workers or C.) An event sponsored by some civic group that has shunned them (or someone they know) in the past.

But they are really buying them so they have something to ‘defend their home with’ (when the cops come knocking…)

Not that they actually have the, er, ‘intestinal fortitude’ to face down the local PD…when it comes to that a majority of these heroes turn the gun on themselves.

But when you’re talking tough down at the bar you have to provide ‘the appearance’ of being willing to back it up.

So you take your buddies and your new toy down to the range to demonstrate your prowess with firearms…and use the excuse ‘it’s new and not sighted in yet’ when you indeed stink at hitting the target!

And you all walk away, confident in the knowledge that if Bambi is more than ten feet away, he will most likely escape (as he has countless times before.)

Oddly nobody questions the need to buy/use a weapon with a fifteen round clip to gun down a defenseless animal. And the light 223 caliber was designed to reduce recoil, improving your aim recovery time on human targets.

While the ability to bring the weapon to bear again more swiftly is a positive in both instances, you’d probably want to use a heavier caliber to knock the animal down (also eliminating the need to shoot it twice.

But people don’t think these things through.

Next on today’s list is this story, which I know all too well:
Susan Zimmerman, 62, has three part-time jobs.
In Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t Better ... It’s Brutal

Recent data present a strong case for baby boomers as the greatest victims of the recession and its grim aftermath.

Ask an Expert: How Does Job Loss Affect Life Expectancy?
To belabor the obvious, job loss prior to retirement really just kicks the crap out of your SSI account. And we all know we won’t be able to ‘make ends meet’ on that tiny amount so it’s just the difference between ‘doomed’ and ‘scroomed’.

Left unaddressed is what can be done about this rampant ‘age discrimination’? You WON’T find an attorney willing to take your case because (unless you’re the Virgin Mary incarnate) there’s always something in your past that the defense can point to and say ‘that’s the reason we didn’t hire them!’

Since you have no ‘legal standing’ your only real remedy is to employ yourself…(or you can buy an assault weapon and ‘deploy’ yourself…)

We all know what the deal is.

Mr./Ms. ‘employer’ is afraid old and gray can’t keep up with the kids. Often these weasels are as old as you are (and use that as proof YOU can’t do the job because THEY CAN’T!)

Well, the real issue is shelf life. How long do you have to make your heap before you’re discarded like yesterday’s newspaper?

It started getting bad around the time I turned forty and now that I’m over fifty, it’s proven impossible.

I’ve got to survive ten more years before I can apply for my SSI…the only good news is I will be ‘well accustomed’ to living on nothing by then.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: Retirement age under A Simple Plan is fifty…at full pay!

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