Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Greetings good citizen,

While every other index is flat, the Dow is (inexplicably) up…not a lot but it shouldn’t be anywhere near where it is and I’m wondering where the outrage is?

Why outrage?

Every point the Dow climbs ‘irrationally’ represents a corresponding drop in your personal purchasing power.

Soon there will be little difference between funny money and confetti!

Makes you wonder where the boss is going to get his hands on all of that ‘confetti’ (and how he expects to stay in business after he cuts most of his employees so he can afford the rest (thanks to Wall Street.)

There is much talk about the ‘looting’ of our (global) civilization but, perhaps unsurprisingly, no action.

Which tells you what about our ‘justice system’, the same justice system that decided it was okay to kill those it was established to protect…

For some INSANE reason there was yet ANOTHER ‘random shooting rampage’ out in the land that burns and shakes yesterday…and yet another somewhere in the Mid-west the day before…

But these are just ‘crazy people’, if we take away their guns, the cops can exterminate ‘em without getting shot, making society so much ‘safer’!

Which is to opine that there is a point where danger is preferable to the (faux) safety of the go along to get along plan.

They acknowledge and deplore your grinding poverty but that, as they have told you repeatedly, is ‘YOUR PROBLEM’ (and they’re running out of patience waiting for you to ‘fix it’!)

They won’t shoot so long as you don’t complain, or point fingers or try to take the guilty to court.

Can't you understand it isn’t ‘all about YOU’ (it’s about them!)

THEY had the ‘good sense’ to be born to parents who could provide for them, you didn’t!

Look at all of the trouble that’s caused!

But I digress…the ‘attitude’ of those born to wealth isn’t worth criticizing. It’s those over ambitious ‘ne’er do wells’ that we need to take down a few pegs!

While the wealthy don’t appreciate what they’ve got because they’ve always had it (and can’t imagine life without it) this doesn’t necessarily make them ‘bad people’.

The problem comes in when they use what they don’t know to make decisions.

They fail to comprehend that they live on a different planet than the rest of us.

Thus do they make lousy policy…and our politics make little sense.

Because they aren’t rooted in reality as the average person understands it.

Now we will touch upon another of my favorite hobby horses, The Human Social Contract’

Something the conservatives mistakenly like to refer to as ‘the law of the jungle’…(Ah, but how quick they are to deny this when they step into a courtroom!)

The basic human social contract is pretty simple. I let you live if you let me live.

It’s an agreement not to kill one another.

USUALLY (but not always) there is an implied ‘I’ll help you out if you help me out’ added onto this agreement but most of the time that one falls short because neither wants to go first.

So we have the ‘surface agreement’ that we don’t kill each other on sight. An agreement that was later solidified by the courts to include not killing one another for violations of the original agreement.

Like the act of claiming the water hole for yourself.

Now you aren’t trying to kill me directly but if I can’t find another source of water you’re killing me indirectly.

So now I’m thinking I made a bad deal by not clubbing you to death when I first laid eyes on you.

So if I go to your house and off you for messing with my ability to live, I get arrested for assault (if I don’t succeed in killing you…)

But we have a different problem here don’t we?

The ‘human social contract’ is no longer just between you and me. Now we have ‘non-human entities’ playing on the same field.

Corporations get to tell you that you will pay what they demand or you won’t get what you need to live. Doesn’t matter if you can ‘afford it’ or not (and it’s usually not.)

Now a whole groups decides what’s good for them and its ‘nuts to you!’ If you can’t afford it, tough!

And they wonder why history is written in blood…

Well, one thing never changes, stupid is as stupid does.

So is the Human social contract still ‘relevant’?

Only if you want peace…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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