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As oil remains stuck in the $96 dollar a barrel range, the Dow has dropped a hundred and fifteen points in just a shade over an hour’s trading.

Which is to point out that the destruction of our civilization proceeds ‘on schedule’.

I have selected three headlines from today’s business section for your, er, ‘amusement’:
News Analysis
A scene from the 1954 film “Tobor the Great.”
Raging (Again) Against the Robots

Robots have once again gripped the nation’s imagination, stoking fears of displaced jobs and perhaps even a displaced human race.
Many is the story about ‘machine intelligence’ and a robotic ‘takeover’ of our planet, or even our galaxy since robots aren’t subject to the same narrow band of operating conditions organic life is restricted to.

Like time travel this is a bogeyman that will remain a staple of the fiction writer. While we have already created machines that can ‘learn’, we have yet to imbue one with ‘a sense of purpose’ nor has one developed this uniquely human trait on its own (yet.)

Our ‘problem’ with a ‘pile of bolts’ is limited to the capitalists love of a tireless worker that you only pay once.

This ‘displacement’ of humans from the fabrication of commodities severely damages the economy (all of which are local!)

Not that the robot is to blame. It is the, er, ‘skewing’ of the distribution process robots cause (profits go up because prices DON’T go down, yet you have significantly reduced the number of people able to buy the product!)

Cost to produce has gone down but the number of buyers has also shrunk…so where’s the ‘win’?

The CEO grabbed it because he’s paid based on ‘production efficiency’!

The rest of your civilization LOSES!

Did I mention that the serious mismanagement of our civilization is rapidly reaching ‘critical mass?’ The people making decisions are getting paid to act AGAINST the interests of society at large?

And the owners don’t care because the books (which are thoroughly cooked) look fine.

Which leads us to their puzzlement over why their employees are ‘unhappy’.

A job has become its own reward in our resource scarce environment…(if you can’t live on what it pays tough!)

No need to hand out pay increases when your workers are thankful to be getting a paycheck at all while so many of their peers aren’t.

Beginning to see the problem? It’s not the robots at all…it’s the crazy capitalists and their gross incompetence!

Which provides an excellent segue to our next article:
Vast Oil Reserve May Now Be Within Reach, and Battle Heats Up

Monterey Shale deposits, which could turn California into the nation’s top oil-producing state, is stirring conflict between drillers and environmental interests.

Map Map: California’s Hydraulic Fracturing Hotbed
Did the first thing that popped into my head also pop into yours? Which is to ask is it a particularly wise idea to be ‘fracking’ in a ‘seismically sensitive’ area like the Island just off the coast of Los Angeles?

But apparently the capitalist don’t care! Or worse, we are a lot closer to the end of our energy rope than media would have you believe.

Can you imagine the ‘Wile E. Coyote moment’ when the gas pumps go dry and the public sits there dumbfounded because they didn’t know we were close to running out?

Which brings us to the age old question if the world was going to end tomorrow would they tell us?

Probably not…imagine the chaos if they did! (And no, it would NOT be ‘anarchy’.)

Even this, the expansion of the wasteland that passes for ‘entertainment’ speaks volumes regarding the mindset of those in charge (and their endless incompetence.)
The Media Equation
Shunning the Safe, FX Indulges Its Dark Side

Behind FX’s recent success is its willingness to give its shows creative freedom.
Between decidedly reckless ‘reality programming’ (that plays fast and loose with the facts) and the merging of the fantasy world with the real world via computer graphics…the ‘credibility gap’ is growing enormous!

Which is to point out that shows no longer ‘entertain’ as much as they tax the imagination.

There are several shows out there now that have what can only be called incredible ‘plot holes’ in them…and this is due to the ‘failure of imagination’ coupled with capitalist censorship.

Yes good citizen, TV has become a vapid wasteland because of the zero tolerance policy the corporate owned media has towards anything that challenges the ‘supremacy’ of capitalism.

When you are confined to a very narrow and contradictory box, the creative process is either stifled or it increasingly defies logic.

If Bram Stokers original demon had half of the powers he is currently endowed with (by hack writers) we’d ALL be vampires!

But the things impressionable young girls believe should never be confused with reality…

So why is dumbbell ‘praising’ Fox?

Could it be that ‘corporate owned media’ thing (that cuts HIS paycheck too?)

Something to ponder while you wait for a vampire to grant you the invincibility you’ve longed for your whole life!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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