Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Due Process

Greetings good citizen,

Who cares what nonsense is going down on Wall Street, it’s what’s happening to/in Washington that has most of us, er, ‘alarmed’…

Today’s top story took me back a few steps…maybe the conservo-whackos from East Redneckistan are cheering but I find it more than somewhat disturbing that the person ‘credited’ with creating the US ‘death, sans due process’ program has been NOMINATED TO HEAD THE FREAKING CIA!
Drone Strikes' Dangers to Get Rare Moment in Public Eye

The chief architect of a clandestine campaign of targeted killings, John O. Brennan, will face a Senate hearing Thursday as President Obama's nominee for C.I.A. director.
Probably a waste of time to point out that I am firmly against ‘electing’ our leaders, especially when our most recent choice was a KNOWN INCOMPETENT that didn’t merit re-election.

So here we are, a couple of months after said election and the guy who refused to prosecute the Bush administration continues to advance its agenda!

Naturally, I will be denounced as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for pointing that little tidbit out but isn’t that how Nazi Germany got started, with it’s independent media bought out so only the corporate media remained?

This is one of those ‘turning points’ historians will look back on and cry ‘why didn’t anybody do something to stop them when this happened?

Which mistakenly assumes that ‘anybody’ has a gonad between the bunch of them…

Oh they’ll fight all right, some of them for the wrong side but they’ll fight when their hand-picked leaders tell them its time to ‘take out the trash’…

And you’ll never guess who they’re talking about good citizen but that sinking feeling in your gut is trying to tell you it’s you.

Will son exterminate their own families? If it means being on the ‘winning team’ they might.

And the ones who are shocked by this will be executed for their lack of patriotic frevor! (Which will keep the rest of them pulling the trigger, regardless of if they hit anything.)

What these refuseniks will eventually do is start ‘fragging’.
Amazing what a couple of grenades in the command tent/bunker/armored vehicle can do.

Did I mention our leaders are a bunch of cowards?

Why do you think their preferred soldier is a robot? The song says cannonball ain’t got no mind…well a robot doesn’t need to ‘understand’ what its doing either.

It kills what it’s pointed at.

The one doing the pointing is the one we need to watch.

Now our Mr. Brennan sold his idea on saving the lives of countless soldiers and not the flip side of this nightmare, which is untold ‘collateral damage’.

In countless cases the murder of civilians has been ‘justified’ because these people were the ‘friends or relatives’ of people previously killed by remote control and without a trial.

The abject failure of due process redefines the term ‘life is cheap’…to the point of tripping the ‘kill on sight’ switch.

Which is what a murderer like Mr. Brennan actually wants. But how do we block this man from becoming the head of the world’s most notorious spy agency?

Do we, er, ‘petition’ our leaders?

Fat lot of good that did when Obama–boy named Timmy Geithner as Treasury secretary!

Don’t look now good citizen but the Nazi-capitalist war machine is being rebuilt here in the US.

Now we can look at our next article and ponder precisely which ‘cuts’ he is trying to ‘stave off’?
Obama Urges Congress to Act to Stave Off Cuts

President Obama pressed lawmakers on Tuesday to pass a package of limited spending cuts and tax changes to avoid the across-the-board reductions set to take effect on March 1.
We already know the incumbent thinks ‘entitlements’ should be cut so we can eliminate that from the list.

What’s left but tax breaks for the uber rich and military spending?

And the uber-rich must be idiots not to realize that the military they’re building up will eventually be used by the next Hitler to cut them down with too!

That’s when you’ll see what can politely be termed as a ‘popular uprising’, when their worthless hydes are at risk of extermination…

But we have our last article to thank for the rise of the ‘Neo-Nazis’
E-Mails Show Alarm at S.&P. as Mortgage Crisis Exploded

Court documents offer a look at the inner workings of Standard & Poor's, which the government says inflated credit ratings with dire consequences for the entire economy.

DealBook: U.S. Contends S.& P. Purposely Used Faulty Models
Which is to imply that the uber-rich were complicit in the ‘looting’ of the global financial system.

How sad is it good citizen that none of them ‘understand’ money?

And with that chilling thought…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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