Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pillar 3

Greetings good citizen,

Not much going on in the world today so I thought we’d wrap up our discussion regarding the three [main] ‘pillars’ that make up A Simple Plan.

As I commented yesterday, many of you would be just fine with one pillar, the middle one but that leaves too many ‘loose ends’.

So, how many of you think you know what the third pillar of A Simple Plan is?

Some would argue there is no ‘third pillar’ and others would guess anything from God to Money and everything in between (by filling the void with such nebulous qualities as ‘happiness’.)

While it is my job to ‘make you think,’ it is not my job to ‘jerk your chain’.

The ‘third pillar’ of A Simple Plan is the ultimate goal of the first two pillars (what they SHOULD produce.)

Come on good citizen, how many essays have I signed off, using those three principles linked together?

What do Equality and Justice produce?


How can Peace be a pillar of society? If you don’t know the answer to that question then you don’t understand the point of having all of the firepower sitting around, ready to go.

Without peace there can be no prosperity.

A Simple Plan is designed to ‘maximize’ conflict resolution and as a result, foster a more peaceful and unified society.

How does A Simple Plan promote ‘peace’?

It starts with prohibiting legislation regarding personal behavior.

Now the ‘simple minded’ are already envisioning a wild society where people drive on the sidewalks, either stoned to the bone or too drunk to see straight when the ‘wrong assumption’ here is that anyone will have anything to drive on the sidewalks with!

They are also underestimating the power of peer pressure. The foundation of peace is courtesy and consideration. Which is to point to the pendulum of social values and opine that like in the days of old, you will take great pains not to offend anyone, lest you provoke them to ‘defend their honor.’

Most would agree that we, as a species, have become far too ‘free’ with our tongues. This is why the media acts shocked when people are pushed beyond their limits and the quite predictable occurs.

Out comes the guns and there’s some ‘justifiable homicide goin’ on!

There is a demonstrable ‘link’ between removing the individuals ability to defend themselves and the rise in criminal behavior.

Most of this crap wouldn’t be happening if a ‘smart remark’ or other perceived ‘under-handed act’ carried with it the distinct probability of you staring down the business end of a .45 from ten paces at dawn.

We really should treat one another better but so far ‘legislating’ better behavior has proven ‘fruitless’.

Civility won’t return (nor will peace) until we learn to ‘respect’ one anothers feelings and personal preferences.

So far it looks as though I am advocating ‘trench warfare’ by removing the capitalists boot heel from the public’s neck.

Understand, the reason you get cheated, with impunity, every time one of these deep pocketed, er, ‘rodents’ decides you need to ‘sue him’ for what’s yours. He owns the judge, besides, even if he’s dead wrong it is one thing to be awarded a judgement and quite another to actually collect it.

However, things would be considerably different if Bozo’s ability to cheat you hinged on his prowess with firearms…or any of a variety of armaments (the challenged gets to choose.)

Then payment would be swift and certain, wouldn’t it?

Worse, not living up to your word would carry a considerable social cost. It could bar you from promotion in the tests permanently (even if you ace the exam!)

No easy way to be free good citizen…but it will never happen if you are stripped of your ability to defend yourself.

And that’s what the capitalist has done with his ‘control’ of the injustice system. He’s left you to pay fines YOU can’t afford with money he ‘wishes’ into existence. (Which is to point out that ‘fines’ can’t hurt those who control the money supply…)

Notice all of the ‘fines’ being handed out as atonement for the banks criminal behavior?

Which is to once again put the shoe on the other foot, how do we prevent a repeat of what laid waste to our current civilization?

It looks pretty ‘Simple’ to me…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: Again I apologize if these pillars offend anyone but we must deal with the world as it is rather than the world some of us pretend to live in.

While there are 3 ‘premises’, they actually unite to create one unbreakable pillar.

Why is this particular pillar unbreakable? It is the pillar of human love and the love of our species. Without that we are just animals being herded to slaughter by the ignorant and ruthless among us.

Chew on that before you point an accusing finger.

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