Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not If but When?

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As a testament to how much I loathe using this keyboard I have blown off my scribe duties for two days now.

Which is to complain that my new router still hasn’t arrived.

But anyway, guess when life hands you lemons…

So what the hell is up with the former darling of the military (come head of the CIA) ducking out once his, er, ‘relationship’ with a ‘high-achieving, former machine gun model’ is, er, ‘exposed’?

I didn’t think the dude was even married, so WTF?

I can see the ‘epic fail’ here but we are faced with the conundrum of who leaked this and why?

And you aren’t going to find any answers from this clueless corner…just the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind.

Why couldn’t the guy in charge of America’s ‘assassination bureau’ keep this under wraps?

Pretty fucked up if you ask me…at least on the surface.

What this speaks of to me is there are powerful forces behind the already draped in secrecy government bureaucracy calling the shots.

Forces powerful enough to ruin powerful men…with impunity.

When a civilization finds itself confronted with secrecy for the sake of secrecy it has met its doom.

Because you KNOW what comes next…
America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation

Step 1: Destroy Manufacturing

From 1791, when our nation's first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton created an 11-point plan for American manufacturers, all the way until just the last few decades, the United States protected its manufacturing base with high tariffs on imports and government support for domestic industries.
This "protectionist" approach to trade transformed the United States into the world's largest exporter of manufactured goods, which built and sustained an enormous middle class of Americans working in factories collecting high wages.

Step 2: Harvest the Middle Class
America's working class no longer builds TVs or computers or furniture on assembly lines; they now flip burgers at McDonalds and turn down the sheets at Holiday Inns. And those high-skilled workers who used to design the marvels of manufacturing now manufacture credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities on Wall Street.

Step 3: Export American Wealth
There's a hefty price tag associated with transitioning from the world's largest exporter of manufactured goods to the world's largest importer of manufactured goods. That price comes in the form of trade deficits.

Step 4: Recolonize
With American workers desperate for any kind of opportunity to work, Foxconn and other foreign corporations now have access to a brand new pool of cheap labor.
We've seen other companies before Foxconn take advantage of these new low-wage American workers.

Besides the ‘less than obvious’ distinctions between the ‘working class’ and the ‘middle class’ (which many members of the working class mistakenly believe they are a subset of)

The ‘cloak of secrecy’ is most noticeable in the ‘4th Estate’ (or the ‘Corporate Owned Media as I like to refer to it.)

The world piped into your living room is intended to provide you with this mistaken ‘homogenizing’ idea. That we’re all the same when in fact many of us suffer here in the land of increasingly desperate dreams.

If I had a nickel, actually, most statements these days are preceded by If I had, then (your wish here) followed by a reasonably rational outcome.

If I had shoes I’d walk to town! (But THAT doesn’t make the nightly news…yet you can regularly see ads for shoe drives for the needy of (fill in your needy foreign country here) like this is ‘unnecessary’ here.

Back to that damn ‘cloak of secrecy’ and the One Percent scoundrels hiding behind it.

Seriously good citizen, our civilization is suffering from all of the ‘ills’ of a monarchy because we have ‘lost control’ of global banking!

Which we are being told (again) is ‘cured’.

It is NOT!

The consumer is (still) tapped out and the world’s factories still stand idle because of it.

Worse, this is the product of ‘mis-management’, the deliberate failure to abolish the wholesale theft of the commons by the One Percent.

If justice is not re-established and secrecy banished our species is faced with extinction!

It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’…

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