Monday, November 19, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

In case any of you were wondering the collapse of our civilization proceeds apace, as evidenced by the continued dilution of the money supply for the benefit of the >One Percent.

Because when the nonsense markets do this for no apparent reason, guess who is playing the role of ‘fuckee’?
Stocks Leap on Budget Optimism
Wall Street stocks made large gains on signs of progress in talks to resolve the fiscal crunch in Washington.
Talk about ‘blowin’ smoke’, every time they jump share prices like this it dilutes the money supply.

But don’t be cozened good citizen, the markets are going to resume their ‘death spiral’, if not tomorrow then by the end of the week.

As you can see, the >One Percent is throwing a hissy over having their taxes go up to where they used to be before the ‘MBA president’ trashed the global economy.
Investors Rush to Beat Threat of Higher Taxes
With potential changes in the tax code set to take place on Jan. 1, investors and business owners have begun to protect their income before the end of the year.
Where do you suppose the >One Percent are going to do with their money now that they will have to give so much of it to the government? You don’t suppose the shiftless bastards will keep it off-shore (like the jobs those tax breaks were supposed to create) do you?

Naturally, as we sit here (five years and counting) for SOMETHING to be done about the financial abuse that bankrupted the global finance system, we get this news:
New York Fed Wins Dismissal of A.I.G. Bailout Lawsuit
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York won the dismissal of a $25 billion lawsuit by the former chief of American International Group, Maurice R. Greenberg, who argued that the A.I.G. bailout was unlawful.
How fucked up is it good citizen that the only guy with deep enough pockets to bring suit against the Fed for bailing out AIG was it’s former CEO?

Now show of hands good citizens, how many of you are ‘surprised’ by this outcome (considering who was the ‘counterparty’ to all of that bad paper AIG, er, ‘insured’?)

Less surprising is who ended up ‘on the hook’ for the whole kit and kaboddle…vous and moi!

While the ‘commander-in-chief’s’ Attorney General has thus far found ‘no cause’ to pursue criminal action against anyone involved.

Needless to say it casts this man’s qualifications to perform the task entrusted to him in a rather poor light…but for some strange reason the corporate owned media isn’t saying a word…and neither, suspiciously enough, are the Republicans…

Thus are we left to wonder how much success they expect to have with this legislation:
European Countries Seek More Taxes From U.S. Multinational Companies
European governments are going after American companies, like Google and, that pay little or no taxes in Europe, despite generating billions of dollars in revenue on the continent.
I’m laying odds in the same vicinity of a snowball’s chance in hell. They don’t pay any taxes here so why should they pay them there?

Oddly, smaller, non-multi-national companies are facing a different set of circumstances:
SAS Avoids Bankruptcy After Unions Approve Plan
All eight unions signed new collective agreements that will see jobs, salaries and pensions cut in the hope of restoring the company’s competitiveness and profitability.
Is it just me or do you see a pattern developing here? Why is it that companies, especially ‘old-line’ companies, lay the burden of making themselves ‘competitive’ on the backs of their hapless employees?

Wouldn’t cutting their prices and slashing the compensation of the front office (who can more readily afford it) be a more sensible approach?

But no, when if comes to executive pay cuts it’s time to ditch the venture! If a VP has to take even a ten cent an hour pay reduction it’s time to abandon ship.

Suppose the company commit blasphemy and stop paying for the staff’s country club membership, oh the scandal!

Cut one and you might as well cut them all! How could you show your face once you’ve proven your company is a piker?

But that’s nothing compared to this news:
Change in Negotiators Shakes Up U.S.-China Trade Policy
Chen Deming, who has led China’s policy on trade negotiations as commerce minister, failed to win a seat on the Central Committee and will be replaced.

How humiliating? The man failed to bring the lapdog to heel and now he’s being ‘replaced’.

This could prove interesting but not nearly as interesting as the revolt that is brewing in China’s countryside.

Will the US decide to send ‘peacekeepers’ in to protect US Interests?

Wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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