Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings good citizen,

Happy Turkey Day for those of you lucky enough to be somewhere that can cook a bird and share it with you!

We threw a 22 pounder in the oven and went to my in-laws to cook it because my mother in-law needs a handicap ramp to get into pretty much anywhere (and my father-in-law’s house is the only dwelling so equipped.)

The story gets more complicated the deeper we delve into it so we won’t…(delve into it.)

They’re there, enjoying each other’s company while I’m home again. Enjoying my solitude…and typing this rather than watching this years edition of Pumpkin Chunkin on Discovery…but what do you want from a channel owned by Fox, intelligent programming?

I scanned Alternet looking for a suitable story but it was loaded with dreck…just the kind of stuff that convinces you we, as a society, are totally rudderless.

Half of the time preoccupied with stuff that happened so long ago it’s a little late to do anything about it now while living in denial about the stuff we can and should be doing something about!

Worse, no one will deny that there are scads of things that need doing…the problem, as usual is agreeing on what needs to be done first!

I didn’t bother with a post yesterday because not one of you bothered to read the post from the day before (I sure hope that has changed since the last time I looked!)

Although, bizarrely, I don’t mind being ‘irrelevant’. If you think YOU’VE got a ‘better way’ then hey, we’re all ears ‘cuz I think we all would love to hear it.

How sad is it good citizen that the vast majority of these ‘alternatives’ are only half baked and haven’t been completely thought through?

Can’t say that about A Simple Plan though. It’s not only complete soup to nuts but it’s ‘holistic’ AND SUSTAINABLE too!

But none of you clowns has any questions (wisdom on your part, better to hold your tongue and have people think you a fool than to open your yap and prove it!)

Speaking of ‘looking like a fool’ my predicted bloodbath surrounding the election didn’t happen and I’ll bet your all expecting an explanation.

I’m here to tell you we’re not out of the woods yet. Things could still go sideways with frightening speed and abnormal intensity! And as you know I’m not talking meteor strikes or super volcanoes or mega-earthquakes/superstorms.

What we’re on the lookout for is massive mismanagement coming from the very top of our, er, ‘food chain’.

CK has hinted at it a couple of times in the past week and I’d like to think most of you are trig enough to know what he means when he makes the distinction that should be clear to us all, you’ll be able to get all the energy you want…IF you have unnaturally DEEP POCKETS!

The counterweight to this line of thinking is the fact that the rich do none of the ‘heavy lifting’ that brings the world as we know it to your door every day. Without that ‘heavy lifting’ the lights don’t come on and the trains don’t run on time…and the people who actually do things for a living don’t show up on the assembly line floor to mate slot A with tab B so worker C can screw the motor onto the assembly and hand it off to station D…you get the point.

And that’s how the ‘cascading systemic collapse’ will start.

And make no mistake about it good citizen, once it starts it will be damn near impossible to stop (Especially with the pinheads taking the ‘if they don’t like it they can sue me’ attitude once the president orders wage/price controls (again.)

You see, your employer will be ordered to roll back prices while also being ordered to pay YOU more…and it’s something he just can’t do, he has plans too you know (and the freaking president isn’t about to ruin them!)

He didn’t pay all of that money into that SuperPAC just to be bossed around by the guy who should have LOST in November.

Understand good citizen if this attitude wasn’t the prevalent one we wouldn’t be where we are today…on the ragged edge of cascading systemic collapse.

Those of us living ‘hand to mouth’ or worse, off of the ‘kindness of others’ will be the first to feel the energy pinch as other, er, ‘luxuries’ are sacrificed to the ‘energy god’, like eating regularly and being warm, even for brief periods of the day.

Yes good citizen, your employer has no commitment or concern for your comfort which means you’ll work in the cold and like it!

So you’d best banish the idea that you can stay warm at work, when the price of energy goes up you can bet that thermostat will be getting turned down!

If you don’t work in an industry where ‘waste heat’ is one of the occupational features (like in a power plant or a metals refinery…glass kilns come to mind too!) otherwise, tough!

Again, comfortable working conditions weren’t part of the negotiations when Mr. Employer agreed to exploit you for his personal enrichment.

Something else you’d best have NO ILLUSIONS about.

Mr. Nice Guy didn’t give you a job out of the ‘kindness of his miserly heart, No! he gave you a job because he makes money off of YOU and what you do for the tiddley-winks he pays you!

Um, me and guys like me try to provide you, the average reader with a different point of view than the nonsense put forth by the corporate owned media.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…


Oh, Happy Thanksgiving…such as it is.

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