Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mad World

Greetings good citizen,

Just as yesterday’s story about the ‘ascendancy’ of US energy reserves warned me that Saudi (real and easy to extract) supplies were approaching exhaustion, today’s headlines regarding the Soviet’s ‘redefinition’ of the term ‘treason’ speaks to me of the global assault on civil liberties.

First we must ask ourselves how unfortunate it is that the most famous Vladimir in modern history is ‘Vlad the Impaler’ and then we need to wonder if there’s a dubious connection in there somewhere.

Let’s have a look!
The law, which was drafted by the Federal Security Service, the main KGB successor agency known under its Russian acronym of FSB, also introduced a punishment of up to eight years for simply getting hold of state secrets illegally even if they aren't passed to foreign hands.

The FSB explained in a statement run by the ITAR-Tass news agency that the new clause better protects confidential information. It said the previous law, which dated back to the 1960s, failed to provide an efficient deterrence against foreign spies.

"Tactics and methods of foreign special services have changed, becoming more subtle and disguised as legitimate actions," the spy agency said. "Claims about a possible twist of spy mania in connection with the law's passage are ungrounded and based exclusively on emotions."

It may be helpful to first settle on a ‘true definition’ of what constitutes ‘treason’…often restricted, politically at least, to aiding ‘foreign enemies’ in ‘undermining’ the state.

Ironically, the rest of us have a simpler definition…one that makes the politicians among us, er, ‘uncomfortable’.

To the average citizen, treason is (and always has been) another word for betrayal. Our politicians are uncomfortable with this because much of what they do could easily be interpreted as ‘betrayal’…and we all know the penalty for treason is death.

So, somewhat bizarrely, few people have ever been, er, ‘officially’ prosecuted for betrayal because the people prosecuting them are as guilty as criminals they are judging.

I suspect most of you will agree that it is our failure to hold people in positions of public trust accountable for their action that has resulted in the, er, ‘dismantling’ of our civilization (by those who falsely claim to ‘own it’…a false claim their attorney’s placed in their heads!

Which is how these cretins will defend their actions…but we digress.

The ‘situation’ is disintegrating once the ‘traitors’ start redefining treason to cover their treachery!

This isn’t about betrayal, it is all about ‘discovery’ and keeping ‘treason’ hidden!

Would the revelation that Russia had a ‘stolen election’ on their hands lead to the ‘suspicion’ that it had also occurred in other countries as part of a global conspiracy to manipulate currencies and strip Western cultures of their hard won civil rights?

All for ‘the greater good’ (of the criminals?)

In case you haven’t noticed good citizen, this ‘national security state’ is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent.

The question we must ask is who is being protected from whom? And the answer is disturbing because there is a whole boatload of criminal activity that isn’t being prosecuted, never mind reported while whistleblowers across the spectrum are being jailed without recourse!

Because that’s the ‘new reality’ good citizen.

You go along with the ‘big rip off’ or YOU get put away and they throw away the key because they don’t need a reason to lock you up.

If you make waves, they silence you.

Which brings us full circle to the question of ‘what kind of world do YOU want to live in?

One where criminals run roughshod over your life with impunity or one with ‘Justice for all’?

Because the ‘choice’ is YOURS!

Justice for all starts with YOU…but we digress, the real issue here is WHY treason is generally understood to mean one thing but isn’t actually defined that way…something it has in common with another ‘popular’ commodity…money.

How fucking odd is it that we all ‘think we know’ what money is but if you ask ten different people to define it, you will get ten different answers (and some of them considerably freaky!)

Well we have the same problem when it comes to ‘betrayal’…(which also gets bizarre treatment under the law.)

Which is to point out that our legislators have no problem with betraying the general public…worse, it is considered ‘common knowledge’ that anyone running for public office is in the ‘betrayal business’.

Which ISN’T what anybody is thinking when they mark their ballots. They expect the politician to be, at least generally, ‘true to their word’.

And most politicians would quibble that they are…generally…in the broadest sense of the term, and that they at least agree whole heartedly that they spoke words…albeit some of them ‘truer’ than others…

How do you try a weasel like that for treason?

Not by their words but by their actions, of course!

Since much of politics is ‘quid pro quo’ the ‘corresponding’ campaign donations and subsequent voting record tells the story.

But nobody is prosecuted for this easily traceable treason and we can only wonder why?

Would politicians suddenly abandon public service if they were held accountable for their voting record…or would the one percenter’s who regularly ‘purchase’ favorable legislation dislike the, er, ‘scrutiny’?

It’s a mad world good citizen and it will only get madder if you continue to do nothing.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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