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Greetings good citizen,

As we continue to watch the mess our betters have made collapse around our ears we shall examine some of the shakier premises instituted by our so-called ‘leaders’.

Let’s start with today’s top headline:
Governors Push Bigger Reliance on Sales Taxes

Ambitious experiments in collecting revenue that are taking place at the state level could shape the national approach on taxes.
left unexplained in both our history and our civics texts is the ‘rationale’ behind ‘taxation’.

Why didn’t our ‘leaders’ just do what needed doing (since ALL expense is ‘artificial’?)

Worse, the idea of ‘taxes’ was born when those who lead us were the ‘absolute master of all they surveyed’.

Since ‘master’ had already declared ‘ownership’ of the land along with everything on it or under it, why ‘tax’ the people?

Well…Big chief hand on hip didn’t have any farmers working for him, if he didn’t commandeer some food he and his army were going to starve!

This is why taxation predates money!

They ‘converted’ taxes to money as a way to put an end to the earliest form of ‘tax fraud’ submitting spoiled food as ‘tribute’.

This leads us to another fact just as ancient as taxes and that is why BIG tax fraud is never prosecuted while the tax man chases the little guy for every penny and then some! (Remember, they don’t ‘need’ this, it’s all part of the ‘control fraud’.)

Once the royals took over the money supply taxes COULD HAVE BEEN ‘done away with’ but no, because the Royals were now beholding to their ‘peers’ for their power (often having ‘gifted’ them tax authority as the price of their fealty.)

Without the history lesson, taxes are not necessary today and they haven’t been since, well, history would look a lot different if we could roll back the pages and find A SINGLE ‘wise ruler’…

They may have existed but they aren’t the ones who wrote the history books, a major indictment of our deeply flawed character, despite years of ‘preaching’ and ‘holier than thou’ mumbo-jumbo!

A character that could still be redeemed if we wanted it bad enough.

That’s the question…do we possess the determination to change our ways, thereby avoiding self-extinction?

Time will tell but from where we’re sitting today, good citizen, it’s not looking to good and ‘forever’ is a mighty long time…

Moving on…
Towns' Next Hit From Hurricane Is to Tax Revenue

As a result of property damage, localities hit by Hurricane Sandy cannot expect to reap the same property taxes from homeowners.
Funny how nobody sees the bear’s claws until they are ripping you to shreds. Yup, the once mighty USA now can’t seem to recover from a simple flood. For some strange reason ‘the government’ is unable to find the funding that will, er, ‘allow’ the private sector to rebuild.

We are, of course, leaving ‘private sector’ insurance companies out of this discussion. Did you know there isn’t a single ‘private sector’ insurance company that offers ‘flood insurance’?

And it’s NOT because they are prohibited from selling flood insurance, NONE of them WANT TO! (Mostly due to the chicanery in town halls across the nation that allow the well-connected to ‘twist’ the zoning ordinances to their liking for fun and profit.

Was THAT a ‘flood plain’? Who knew? Whoopsie…too bad you weren’t insured!

Some have (wisely) asked if we should even bother rebuilding storm ravaged coastal communities in light of global climate change.

I am of the opinion that we should, although we must rebuild ‘wisely’. The new structures should be ‘storm resistant’ capable of remaining watertight during flood conditions and storm surges.

But you aren’t going to see that under ‘shut up and pay me’ capitalism!

Only under an economic system based on general prosperity will the resources become available to build a world capable of withstanding the degradation heaped upon it by the selfish leaders of the past.

Moving forward one more time we find this story filed under the category of ‘it took long enough’, although ‘too little, too late’ may be more apt”
S.E.C. Pick Is Ex-Prosecutor, in Signal to Wall Street

President Obama's choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mary Jo White, a former United States attorney, suggested a resolve to hold Wall Street accountable for wrongdoing.

It’s been five six years, good citizen, and the only thing to come out of the ‘meltdown’ of the global financial system is distrust.

How many of you think this move is more than ‘symbolic’? If a prosecutor was going to change things then why didn’t they appoint one five years ago…oh, that’s right, because Bush was still in office five years ago! Well how about four years ago, when Obama first took over?

He had to ‘win the nation’s confidence’ and demonstrate he wasn’t going to do anything ‘rash’ like throw the criminals that elected him in prison! Or take away the punch bowl just when the party was starting to roar!

A world that doesn’t run on taxes, it’s about time, wouldn’t you agree good citizen?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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