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Voting with their wallets...

Greetings good citizen,

Happy Saturday! (A day of ‘respite’ in the bad old days of the seventy plus hour week without any ‘overtime’ pay.)

How sad is it that these days you can’t get 40 hours and paying overtime will get some managers fired! (Weirdly, that part hasn’t changed…)

And yes, thanks to the ‘elimination’ of the Blue Laws (seems the founders didn’t completely separate the Church from the State, the Church, up until forty years ago, kept ‘Sabbath’ legislation in place.

We won’t even go into the ‘coincidences’ (The Jews celebrate the sabbath on Saturday and the ‘Sun-worshippers’ keep ‘Sun-day’ as their sabbath!)

How the Christians, who are basically Jews that believe their ‘savior’ has already come…(and now anxiously await his return.) As opposed to the orthodox Jew, who is still waiting for the savior to arrive for the first time…

Well, how did those two groups ended up shifting the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday remains pretty much a mystery.

Maybe they wanted to ‘break from tradition’…and this from a guy who has no truck with ‘Spirit in the Sky’.

The ‘good’ and the ‘evil’ are BOTH within YOU!

Since I didn’t start off writing a post about superstition (although the main topic borders on it…) I need to ‘re-wind’ and start over.

While the pundits on both side of the issue have prostrated themselves, attempting to convince the rest of us that ‘guns’ should be ‘restricted’

The public in general is (in typical capitalist fashion) ‘voting with their wallets.’
Sales of Guns Soar in U.S. as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits


The rapid growth in gun sales began after President Obama's re-election and surged after the Dec. 14 shooting at a school in Newtown, Conn.
The ‘anti-gunners’ will claim this is the knee-jerk reaction of ‘a few’ loony radicals, saying the numbers aren’t high enough to prove conclusively that ‘everybody’ (or even a majority of the population) is ‘girding their loins’.

But have you checked out the prices on weapons lately?

They sure aren’t giving them away…Which is to say the ‘heat or eat crowd’ may WANT to ‘improve their security picture’ but for the most part can’t.

Even a battered Saturday Night Special represents a week’s worth of food for people living on the edge (of starvation.)

The people buying guns can be divided into two groups. These are people who have ‘talked about’ getting a gun for a long time but haven’t done anything about it because they couldn’t justify the expense. (Never mind hit the broad side of a barn, but that’s another issue entirely!)

These are the ‘would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it’ crowd.

The second group are people who have been considering ‘upgrading their firepower’ since their initial purchase of a weapon after (one of) the recent massacres.

9 mm have loads of penetration power but almost no knock down power, that’s why police forces have been switching to 10’s.

Most people can take a couple of 9mm slugs and still keep running…for a while (and those fat boys want you to stop!)

Which brings us to the second part of our, er, ‘discussion’.

Who is ‘safe’ to be armed?

The front page of the local rag could be re-named to read as the daily exploits of ‘Cops behaving badly’.

Hardly a week goes by without somebody in uniform (and half the time it’s the Chief!) getting caught doing something outside the bounds of or in direct conflict with their position of authority and the public trust.

I think we’d all breathe a sigh of relief if we started by disarming those clowns (making the job like that of the English Bobby) but you know that ain’t going to happen.

Take away the guns and you might as well declare ‘open season’ on the banks!

And I will remind you once again that the police force IS NOT there to protect YOU. It exists to protect THE ONE PERCENT(s)! (Er, ‘interests’, it’s their bank you’re robbing or their plant you’re pilfering from!)

But I digress…

Now we cross into the delicate area of military veterans and the stunning number of them who parrot the deeply disturbing credo ‘my country RIGHT OR WRONG!’

Is it just me or is this evidence of our leadership’s determination to harvest the youth of this nation and convert them into mindless killing machines?

Is anyone else disturbed by the high number of mentally stressed soldiers who return from (pointless) foreign service on the very edge of snapping?

War isn’t a career choice…but that isn’t how the reckless and self-centered ‘One Percent’ sees it.

If not for the military, our ‘unemployment problem’ would be even worse than it is!

And what is the One Percent’s ‘solution’ to the unemployment problem?

More War!

Let’s back up a step and re-examine ‘why’ there is a ‘surge’ in the number of people purchasing personal defense weapons.

You don’t suppose they see what I see, do you? A society coming ‘unraveled’ before their eyes?

Could it all be as simple as ‘Gun Rules’ (The one with the gun makes the rules…you’ve all seen enough suspense movies to know how this one ends. How sad is it that the one with the gun has seen the movies too…making him that much more likely to kill you before that incredible lucky break happens that allows the 'hero' to overpower him.)

How ironic is it that you don't need a gun until you do? (Worse, when this need presents itself, usually it is desperate!)

Bang, bang, good citizen.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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