Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleight of hand

Those of you who avoid/don’t bother with the markets are missing one, er, ‘miraculous’ rally…although there’s nothing ‘incredible’ going on, Wall Street ‘pretzel logic’ tells us that every time the market dives it’s ‘time to buy’…

And buy ‘they’ have…at an incredible clip too, I might add!

But what I marvel at is ‘where are these assholes getting the money?’ Because any ‘ordinary’ person went broke over a year ago. So we must wonder just who is holding a seemingly bottomless sack of cash…could it be Goldman Sachs?

Is the ‘unending’ supply of cash coming from the US Treasury? The crooked as all get out Wall Street banks may have paid back the TARP but they haven’t given up their access to zero interest rate money, courtesy of the US taxpayers.

Which is to ask, good citizen, is YOUR money being used to LINE THE POCKETS of Wall Street Thieves?

More importantly, considering the ‘austerity measures’ being forced upon the civilian population of Greece (to appease ‘demanding’ bankers.) What will you do when the same thing happens here?

Don’t look now good citizen but the whole situation is taking a turn for the worse and you won’t find a single mention of this outrage in any US based media!

Confetti Shredder Rally Time
May 10th, 2010


Via: AP:

The Federal Reserve late Sunday opened a program to ship U.S. dollars to Europe in a move to head off a broader financial crisis on the continent.

ECB to Buy Bonds In Secondary Market to 'Address Severe Tensions In Certain Market Segments'

But there’s no conspiracy here! No ‘complicity’ amongst global banksters who are frantically engaging in a game of ‘idiots delight’…the practice of turning money into power then back into money again. Not that this exercise has no purpose, it does! The problem is that usually that purpose is to subtract from the general welfare/common good. Like secrecy, only thieves and scoundrels NEED to engage in ‘Idiots delight’, where they use a portion of what they stole to protect the rest from being ‘demonetized’.

Ever wonder why Bankers ‘invest heavily’ in ‘politics’? Now you know!

Worse, what do you suppose happens when bankers become legislator’s ‘primary source’ of income? Would those charged with upholding and enforcing the law toss the keys to the vault to their benefactors while purposefully looking the other way?

Which brings us to our next piece of evidence

[Purloined from: Jesse’s Crossroads Café]

The limit to the ability of a central bank to create money is the acceptability of the underlying bonds and currency.

When a central bank turns to buying the bonds in order to support their price, or more properly the interest rate paid, this is the beginning of the end, the point at which the national currency becomes little more than a Ponzi scheme, creating more money to pay the interest on the old money.

Now both the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the ECB have fallen into this. We are seeing the controlled demolition of the fiat currencies of the developed world.

[Followed by this article ]

Europe Offers $957 Billion in Hope of Appeasing the Banks

The US SP futures are soaring almost 30 points, along with world equity markets, as the Europeans join the Americans in agreeing to monetize their debts by expanding their currencies. Make no mistake, no matter how they wrap this package and call it debt, it is the expansion of the money supply to prevent insolvency. [Yet the fucking liars in the MSM are still crowing about how ‘robust’ the ‘invisible recovery’ is!]

This does not cure the problems that remain, but rather provides time and latitude for the politicians to act. Discussion should begin at the IMF meeting on May 11, although this is unlikely to render any practical discussion of financial reforms, other than further debauching of the savings of the nations and their peoples.

These are dark days indeed that bring a false dawn that will quickly prove to be simply insubstantial. {I concur…with the caveat that this darkness won’t descend with the swiftness of curtains being drawn but with the gradualness of an eclipse…]

The bribe has been given. Now there is the real work of reform and justice yet to be done. But will it be deferred and diluted in Europe as has been done in America.

And if your interested in some ‘satire’ look here

So, are you starting to feel like a mushroom good citizen?

Or are you getting tired of being kept in the dark and fed bullshit?

Like the parable of the frozen songbird, not everyone who shits on your beliefs is your enemy while not everyone who pulls you out of shit is your friend!

Although the conservative ‘moral’ to this tale is ‘if you’re warm and happy in a pile of shit, keep your mouth shut!’ While we’ve all seen for ourselves just how well THAT works.

The ‘devastation’ detailed above is what you get by keeping silent WHILE YOUR FUTURE IS STOLEN FROM YOU!

Worse, how ‘happy’ would anyone be, up to their ears in shit?

It’s only ‘warm’ for a few minutes…so you’d better squawk real loud! Preferably before the shit gets cold and hard!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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