Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ball of Confusion

Greetings good citizen,

Are you wondering about the same thing that I am?

Just when did we take the leap from the ‘sublime’ to the ridiculous? Most of us will trace this back to the improbable election of St. Ronnie…but the real ‘honor’ goes to Tricky Dick Nixon.

Um, I was reading the editorials in the local rag last night (a decidedly Republican news-organ…and, unfortunately, the only game in town…)

Anyway, a guest commentary/editorial from the publisher of the Pittsburg Gazette was plugged into a slot normally occupied by the ‘infamous’ Barbara Anderson, the point woman for the Prop two and a half movement, which has fucked up the finances of every city and town in the state.

But that is not the point either…the point is that ‘dum-dum’ was bitching about the GOP’s 40 years of ‘political exile’ (apparently not being in control of congress, because the assholes were only locked out of the White House for 4 terms, not 40 years. )

Regardless, bad enough that the voters didn’t ‘trust’ the GOP for such a long time but to hear numbnuts moan about it, you’d think they didn’t A.) inflict the injury upon themselves and therefore B.) deserve it.

Which is to point out that the ‘opposition’ sure as hell are a bunch of crybabies, aren’t they?

More importantly, if these people either can’t remember or refuse to admit it was THEIR policies are what caused the economy to crash, they aren’t responsible enough to run for public office!

But that leaves us with the other assholes…who have proven themselves to be no better.

Some kind of a pickle, isn’t it? One side of the debate is insane and the other side are clueless sellouts…

Which is to ask, “Is this politics or is it our worst possible nightmare?”

Because either way we’re screwed, well and truly!

Um, I won’t tax your already shattered nervous system by subjecting you to the entire post

If you need further proof that we have departed from the land of political discourse and gone tearing off into the ‘Twilight Zone’, the link should provide sufficient evidence.

Which is to say we have departed from rational discussion regarding the governance of the nation and find ourselves being distracted by issues that have nothing to do with ‘the people’s business’ and everything to do with preventing or investigating violations of the law.

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that we don’t have the ‘luxury’ of multiple election cycles to chase the distractors out of office, nor do we have ‘years’ with which to correct the process itself.

If we don’t act swiftly to put our civilization back ‘on course’, we won’t have a civilization worth salvaging.

And some would say we are already past that point.

And then there’s me, who doubts we have the will to act ‘in time’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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