Thursday, May 20, 2010

Duck & Cover

Greetings good citizen,

Not only are we ‘going to hell in a bucket’ but I’m sure most of us aren’t ‘enjoying the ride’.

Although some have had one hell of a run, as evidenced by the ‘high end Repo men’ clip shown on this morning’s Today show. Some of the scum responsible for the collapse of the financial markets got their tails in a bind when it all fell apart…

I can only guess seeing the ‘repo men’ on TV is supposed to make us think that ‘justice’ is being done. That seeing these ‘bad boys’ having their ‘toys’ taken away from them makes it all even and now everything is all better!

When the reality is good citizen the repo men are visiting the ‘stooges’ who worked for the assholes who bankrupted the world. These ‘repossessions’ are being executed upon ‘the hired help’ (who have outlived their ‘usefulness’.)

But what did you expect, this is the MSM we’re talking about here! These guys are loaded with more baloney than a bargain cold cut platter!

Gulling the gullible is what they do! Good thing you’re too sophisticated to be sucked in by their ruses!

That said, we encounter tonight’s offering which you might also want to take with a rather largish dose of salt.

Sell Everything, You Won’t Recognize America By The End Of The Year

Richard Russell, the famous writer of the Dow Theory Letters, has a chilling line in today's note:

Do your friends a favor. Tell them to "batten down the hatches" because there's a HARD RAIN coming. Tell them to get out of debt and sell anything they can sell (and don't need) in order to get liquid. Tell them that Richard Russell says that by the end of this year they won't recognize the country. They'll retort, "How the dickens does Russell know -- who told him?" Tell them the stock market told him.

That's pretty intense! {Geez, why isn’t it ‘intense’ when I tell people to get out of the stock markets? (Probably because I don’t pen a mainstream ‘financial letter’ that provides investment advice!)]

Update: By popular demand, here's more on what he sees in the market. The gist is that the markets recent gyrations are telling him that the economy is in trouble:

And I ask myself, "Am I seeing things? The April 26 high for the Dow
was 11205.03. The Dow is selling as write at 10557 down 648 points
from its April high. If business is even better than expected, then
why is the Dow down over 600 points? And why, if there were 674 new
highs on the NYSE on April 26, were there only 20 new highs on Friday,
May 14? And if my PTI was 6133 on April 26, why is it down 17 points
since its April high?

The fact is that I've been seeing deterioration in the stock market
ever since early-April, and this in the face of improving business
news. The D-J Industrial Average is composed of 30 internationally
known top-quality blue-chip stocks. These are 30 of "America's biggest
companies." If Barron's is so bullish on the future of America's
biggest companies, then why isn't the Dow advancing to new highs?

Clearly something is wrong. But what could it be? Much as I love
Barron's, I trust the stock market more. If I read the stock market
correctly, it's telling me that there is a surprise ahead. And that
surprise will be a reversal to the downside for the economy, plus a
collection of other troubles ahead.

About Dow Theory -- First, we saw the recent April highs in the
Averages. Then we saw a plunge in both Averages to their May 7 lows --
Industrials to 10380.43, Transports to 4298.12, next a short rally. If
ahead, the two Averages turn down and violate their May 7 lows, that
would be the clincher. Such action would signal the certain resumption
of the primary bear market.

Just as for years I asked, cajoled, insisted, threatened, demanded,
that my subscribers buy gold, I am now insisting, demanding, begging
my subscribers to get OUT of stocks (including C and BYD, but not
including golds) and get into cash or gold (bullion if possible). If
the two Averages violate their May 7 lows, I see a major crash as the
outcome. Pul - leeze, get out of stocks now, and I don't give a damn
whether you have paper losses or paper profits!

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Only 13? The ‘economic desert’ is going to be a lot bigger than that, maybe Chumly couldn’t be bothered to report on the larger but less ‘significant’ portions of the wastelands.

But I digress…

The topic is ‘head for the hills, the stock market is melting down!’…which brings us to another, er, disturbing ‘misconception’. That the economy will ‘collapse’ if the stock market ‘flatlines’.

You may want to conduct this ‘thought experiment’ for yourself. Ask your more erudite acquaintances if they believe the economy would ‘cease to function’ if the stock market collapsed.

It didn’t happen in 1929 nor did it happen in 2008 after the ‘real economy’ had shrunk down to a fraction of what it was in 1929. You’ll probably be taken back a couple of steps by either your supposedly ‘smart’ friends ignorance (Those who answer ‘I don’t know’) or their agreement with such a false notion.

A false notion that exists because most people have no clue what the stock markets actually do. There is a few nautical miles difference between the ‘stated’ purpose of Wall Street and its true purpose.

The reason for this has to do with the, er, ‘scumminess’ surrounding why Wall Street exists. If the general public knew the real purpose of Wall Street, they’d never risk so much as a cent there.

Just to qualify here a little, ‘could’ a market meltdown ‘fuck up’ the financial markets? It sure as hell could, AND THAT ‘might’ stop most commerce in its tracks (resulting in that much feared ‘supply line’ meltdown.)

Always remember the law of the land…‘fuck you, pay me!’

Mind you, this is not completely rational; our system of commerce wasn’t created by ‘rational people’, it was created by a bunch of fucking greed heads!

Why does Wall Street exist? Because if they had ‘outlawed’ what we politely called ‘risk capital’ that Wall Street supposedly provides, the ‘greed heads’ who set up the capitalist system would have been unable to ‘extort’ a portion of the commercial capacity of the nation for themselves.

‘Risk capital’ is these bastards justification for juicing the nation for their own personal benefit…it’s legalized theft. Ever wonder why stock prices have no basis in reality? There’s your answer.

‘We’ don’t ‘need’ a stock market…the people who have claimed ownership of the nation do.

How unfortunate is it for the rest of us that we live in a land where only a handful of people have access to the ‘lifeblood’ of the nation?

And through their ‘manipulation’ of currency, we the workers regularly get fucked!

There is no such thing as a rich person who ‘earned’ their pile…most of them inherited what they’ve got, it was their forebearers who ‘stole it’ for them.

Until we stop ‘rewarding’ this kind of criminal behavior we will be stuck with an inoperative justice system that preys upon the innocent and resists being ‘cleansed’.

Bizarrely, this abject failure of the Justice system is what will make this nation ‘unrecognizable’ come the end of the year. Worse, we’re already part way there, with a ‘fail-safe’ financial sector supported with public money. (largely because the ‘Vampire Squid’ ‘spawned’…]

The longer the ‘Heads I win and Tails you lose’ game goes on, the stranger things are going to become…until somebody grows a nut and says ‘no more!’

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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