Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gone Fishin'...

Greetings good citizen,

Today I’m going to attempt to step away from the alarm bell and try to calmly share my ‘concern’ that the situation isn’t at all what the media would like you to believe it is.

There’s no need to hyperventilate over Goldman Sachs, the only ones who DIDN’T already believe they were a bunch of criminals were their own employees…(and even then it wasn’t unanimous.)

We’re six months away from the mid-terms and the media is already ‘pushing’ the idea that the party of ‘no’ will be swept back into power…

You know what they say about propaganda, ‘keep repeating until true’

Given how the democrats have, er, ‘squandered’ the majorities and ignored the mandates the public provided them…I think this spells big trouble for the ‘two parties you can’t tell apart system’.

Honestly good citizen, what do you think we should do about this…er, mess?

We could do nothing…but we are headed straight for ‘Banana Republic’ status (and that, sadly, is the ‘best case’ scenario…the worst case is an all out collapse.) But, We’re trying to be ‘adults’ here and not resort to ‘extreme outcomes’ (regardless of how likely they may be…)

Am I wrong good citizen? Am I blowing this up out of all proportions? Is this merely the ‘back and forth’ that all, er, ‘free nations’ experience from time to time?

Worse, am I merely displaying a ‘lack of faith’ and a degree of ‘negativity’ that have suddenly become commonplace out there in the ‘real world’?

If we all just ‘believed’ that everything was going to work itself out, it would, wouldn’t it?

If we put our ‘game faces’ on and went out there and gave it all we had, we’d be unstoppable, wouldn’t we?

That’s what the fucking Chuckle-heads would like you to think good citizen. Things suck NOT because you are getting screwed, big time but because YOU don’t BELIEVE things are going to get better…all by themselves! (Seriously good citizen, why would you want to get law enforcement involved? They are only going to complicate matters and they might even crush out the ‘Animal Spirits’ so important to the proper functioning of the markets…)

Actually, truth be told, how many of you are secretly wishing Wall Street gets beat big time in court…and all of those billions they paid out in bonuses will get ‘clawed back’…and then they’ll get ‘fined’ on top of that!

Well, it’s nice to have your ‘fantasies’, isn’t it?

So I’ll leave you with those ‘happy thoughts’ while I take a couple of days off to be with my kids…

Don’t blow nuthin’ up while I’m away…


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