Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fed Follies...

Greetings good citizen,

Talk about your quagmires, some discussions are worse than trying to split atoms. It is difficult to successfully argue how ‘meaningless’ money is while alternately defending its usefulness…

This conundrum has lead to countless (impractical) moneyless social schemes…it is the only way to ‘solve’ the meaningless/valuable conflict.

What drags this ball out into center court?

Republican political appointee Ben Benanke says U.S. Must Start to Rein In the Deficit, Fed Chief Says

Um, we couldn’t pay off the current account deficit when it was less than a single trillion…how does our ‘expert’ on the Great Depression propose we are going to tackle a number 14 times larger? (Without sinking what passes for our economy in the process, not that this is even a consideration…)

Naturally, hardship be damned, we have to pay down the deficit (while continuing to finance ‘wars of choice’) at least until Republicans regain control of Congress, then we can return to ‘deficits don’t matter’ mode once more…

What does Wall Street have to say about Mr. Bernanke’s sudden ‘about face’?

JPMorgan Is Upbeat on Economy as It Posts Profit

Um, left to our imaginations is how many more ‘too big to fail’ institutions are going to post (totally bogus) profits while the real economy bleeds to death?

In case you haven’t been paying attention, JP Morgan has recently been implicated in a scheme to defraud investors in precious metals…so you know where THEIR profits are coming from…it’s like those old Smith Barney commercials, “We make money the old fashioned way, we STEAL it!”

Just as nearly HALF of the total US workforce consists of PART-TIME employees, more than half of what passes for our FINANCIAL SYSTEM is, in fact, BANKRUPT!

SO you have to ask yourself a question here good citizen…do we really have a TAX PROBLEM or do we have a MANAGEMENT CRISIS on our hands?

Understand the reason for ‘progressive taxation’ is to ‘balance out’ a patently unfair system of commerce that rewards owners for doing nothing. Were we to eliminate this ‘flaw’ there wouldn’t be any need for taxes, period!

Bizarrely, one would be hard pressed to get the ‘tax rebels’ behind such an idea and you can only wonder why?

More basically, do we need to ‘pay off’ these huge deficits or do we simply tell the people who conjured up these fake debts to ‘stick it’?

Is this debt ‘fake’? It most certainly is…but you’re not supposed to be smart enough to figure that out…

Herein lies the danger in shrouding ‘public policy’ in secrecy…no thief could ask for a sweeter setup.

Worse, most don’t believe things can change for the better, and that’s damn discouraging…

Understand good citizen, they bleed just like you and I do and they most certainly ARE NOT invincible. We could bring them to their knees with a simple book of matches.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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