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Greetings good citizen,

I sort of missed my mark when closing yesterday’s rant about, for lack of a better phrase, ‘the price of peace’.

It is no secret to my regular readers that I am not a ‘pacifist’, I believe the only way we are going to turn our situation around is to fight. The ‘criminals’ will never ‘surrender’ even after they have sucked the last drop of vitality out of our mummified corpse. They won’t even dispose of the body, they’ll keep it as a ‘warning’ to anyone who challenges their, er, ‘authority’…a macabre kind of ‘trophy’ if you will.

“See that (pointing at the corpse,) that’s what happened to the last guy(s) who opposed us!

This ‘fight to the death’ mentality on the part of our oppressors is what makes them who they are, and it cannot be discounted. They WILL fight to the death and we need to be prepared to do the same. If we fail to ‘understand’ the enemy, the enemy will triumph. In this case, those ‘unfit’ for the benefits of civil society will triumph the way they always do, by escaping and giving ‘lip service’ to the union of ‘lesser beings’ who [they feel] are ‘too stupid’ to be anything more than their vassals.

As it has been said many times, they REALLY AREN’T like us…if we were ALL like them, there would be nothing but dead bodies for miles around…with the last one chuckling to himself about how he’s ‘won’…

Won what we’ll probably never know; we can only be thankful that being totally devoid of empathy is a fairly rare affliction. Sad to say that most sufferers aren’t born that way but instead ‘elect’ to be ‘heartless’.

There’s something about stifling your emotions that also makes you irrational. You can only spend so much money, why these psychopaths screw everybody they meet out of every cent they can is unfathomable. The money does them no good nor do they even attempt to enhance the common good with their ill-gotten riches. [Those who become known as great ‘philanthropists’ only do so with money that would have been surrendered to the taxman…and not one cent more.]

That’s a seriously fractured mindset there good citizen and it tells you something about this nation’s tax codes that such fraud is permissible!

Which is to raise another sore subject…were you to catalog all of the ‘injustices’ our legal system either turns a blind eye towards or outright endorses, you’d have the script for a first class horror movie in your hands.

That’s how ‘broken’ our corrupt, crippled and crazy ‘government’ is.

It is also what provides endless fodder for guys like the author of tonight’s offering

Good thing I’m not a ‘financial expert’ or I might be inclined to charge you for this stuff!

The Three most IMMINENT Economic Disasters.
Economics / US Economy Mar 10, 2010 - 08:20 AM

By: Sean_Brodrick


Best Financial Markets Analysis Article of all the major disasters and threats to your security ahead — and all the major profit opportunities — three stand out as the most imminent of all:

Disaster #1: America’s Empire of Debt. If you think Americans are living a normal life, think again. Our entire consumer economy, lifestyle, livelihood — and nearly all or wealth — is predicated on one thing: DEBT. [Okay, this ‘newsletter’ comes out of the UK…what’s this ‘our’ BS? (Not that the UK is in any better shape…just wondering, ya know?)]

The outstanding public debt is $12.3 TRILLION. The U.S. has a little over 307 million people. So that means every single man, woman and child in this country is responsible for $40,000 in government debt — over and above any money they have borrowed personally.

The government is now struggling to get the deficit back DOWN to $1 TRILLION dollars … and there’s little hope they’ll even accomplish that much.

Meanwhile, the public debt is increasing at a rate of $3.5 billion per day. And that’s just the public debt. Consumer and corporate debt add trillions more! [Not too long ago good citizen ‘the juice’ on the public debt was only $2 billion a day, now we owe nearly twice as much as we did when Clinton left office…just saying, ya know? Good thing they’re holding the interest rate below a whole percent or we’d really be ‘Well and Truly’.]

The Good-Time Charlies in Washington would have you think this party can continue forever. But now the bill is coming due, and the longer we put it off, the worse it gets.

How will it end? Only two scenarios are possible:

* Washington will slash spending to the bone (and raise taxes till), sinking our economy into a depression. Or …
* Washington will DESTROY the value of our money.
[Um, weirdly, it is more likely we will see both…while what passes for our currency lasts…I’d guess it may last a week…maybe shorter.]

Except for a handful of Pollyannas with their heads in the sand, few experts think there’s any other alternative. For citizens and investors who are unprepared, it will be an unmitigated disaster lasting for many years. For those who ARE prepared, it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. [What constitutes a ‘Jackpot’ is going to vary widely depending on who we’re pointing at. The ‘entrenched wealth’ is focused on eliminating as much of the ‘surplus population’ as possible. If you can figure out a way to profit off of the deaths of billions (invest in Blackwater?) I’m going to guess it will be a mighty crowded trade…and then you have to wonder what will happen once they have accomplished their mission? Which is to point out that not all ‘investment advice’ is reliable…]

Disaster #2: Peak Oil Is Rushing Toward Us Like a Runaway Train. The only reason oil prices aren’t higher right now is because of weakness in the U.S. and European economies. [Um, this ‘weakness’ is so bad that demand for gasoline (never mind automobiles) has dropped significantly, worse, this demand is unlikely to return…ever.]

Meanwhile, however, the two most populous countries in the world — China and India — are adding to their fuel demand at a rip-roaring pace. [Isn’t currency manipulation ‘grand’? Fortunately, the ‘banksters’ aren’t going to be able to get away with it much longer!]

In response, oil companies are now putting drills down 4,000 feet in the Gulf of Mexico to then drill through 35,000 feet of rock. These wells are deeper than Mount Everest is tall! They aren’t doing this because it’s fun. They’re doing it because it’s the only oil they can find! And one thing you can count on — it won’t be cheap oil! [Economics for morons…if the oil is too expensive to recover, it won’t be. It really is that simple.]

How will it end? Potentially in an oil crisis that sends the U.S. deeper into an economic tailspin — dramatically changing the way we live, while creating enormous opportunities for those who invest in the right solutions. [Idiot! When the dollar loses its reserve currency status, it won’t matter which ‘alternative energy solution’ you get behind because nobody will be able to afford it! These capitalists really are boobs, lucky for them their customers are even bigger ones!]

Disaster #3: Water Is the Quiet Emergency That Could Shape the 21st Century. For most Americans, water is less expensive each month than cable television or having a cell phone. So they barely think about it.

Not so for most of the rest of the world! The World Bank reports that 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while 40% of the world — more than 2 billion people — have NO access to clean water or sanitation. [Um, what he fails to point out here is this is not new…these people have NEVER had ‘access’ to ‘processed water’ never mind sewerage.]

Heck, even in the U.S., most local water systems are old and in desperate need of upgrades, with legal battles heating up over water rights across the country. [It’s a problem in the arid West but it’s no big deal here on the ‘rainforest’ side of the continent.]

The key: Sure, you can substitute various alternate fuels for fossil fuels like crude oil. BUT THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR WATER! This is a crisis that is spinning out of control around the world. [Oh my god, where shall we hide? Get a friggin’ grip buddy!]

How will it end? Most people would not be able to handle a water emergency. If droughts worsen, we could see people forcibly relocated from cities and areas that just can’t support their populations. Meanwhile, companies that can provide real solutions will soar in value. [Um, ‘forcibly relocated’? Who the hell does Jerky think is going to pay for this ‘forcible relocation?’ Which is to ask who will be holding the really big gun to the capitalist’s head? He ain’t paying and the, er, ‘victims’ can’t pay either…so it looks like (unlike the banks) they’re kinda fucked!]

What To Do Now

In my book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide, I give you a practical, reasonable, step-by-step guide on precisely how to prepare — when, where and how. [Makes you want to rush out and buy a copy…although I don’t think the Brits are (normally) that gullible, Ah crap…yeah they are.]

One Amazon reviewer writes: “I normally shy away from anything with ’survivalist’ in the title, but after skimming the introduction of Brodrick’s Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide I was hooked. The author offers tons of practical advice in an easy-to-follow format and avoids the Chicken Little approach … the sky may well be falling sometime soon, but anyone who reads Brodrick’s book will be prepared.” [Um, maybe he avoids it in the book but his articles tend to run very much along the lines of ‘the sky is falling’…]

Another says: “If you don’t read this book, hope your neighbor did! I’ve doubled my knowledge, which I thought was pretty extensive.”

A third writes: “Brilliant crisis preparedness book — probably the best as of 2010. The author does a splendid job of covering big economic trends and financial advice, combined with more traditional survival topics. Each chapter has a handy ‘least you can do’ checklist at the end.”

If you wish, you can order The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide now at any of the major online booksellers. Just click on your choice of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Books-A-Million. They all have the book in stock. And they can ship it to you immediately.

Okay, looks like Michael Panzer isn’t the only ‘blogger of Doom’ out there. The rest of the article is essentially a sales pitch for his book.

I may mention my books or stories from time to time but you will never find a sales pitch for any of my works in my blog entries.

Anyway, not to kick the kid in the shins but I do find it, er, alarming that he can be some kind of financial expert and not be up on what’s happening in the world of finance! We are facing the inevitable collapse of the world’s fiat currency regimes…a collapse so bad that ‘faith based’ money might just become ‘extinct’.

The ‘consequences’ of this ‘eventuality’ are far more devastating than the calamities he lays out here…but that’s understandable, not many people ‘comprehend’ money (much to the banksters’ delight!)

I’ll be glad when these ‘back to back’ birthday parties are over this weekend, my sorry butt is dragging!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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