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Re-writing the social contact

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Of late, I have been dancing around the subject of the, er, ‘deluded’ General Public. Those who don’t necessarily ‘believe’ the codswallop regularly dished out by the MSM as ‘the truth’…but they don’t ‘disbelieve it’ either…because of what ‘casting off the blinders’ means in terms of ‘social cost.’

Tonight’s offering covers a vast swath of social territory (and a goodly number of pages, of which, only the last few paragraphs can be found here.)

Joe, (not our own CG but ‘Deer hunting with Jesus’ Joe Bageant) draws our attention to how we have been distracted from the path which leads toward communism by our capitalist ‘owners’ through the, er, ‘deletion’ of the term ‘working class’ from our social dialog.

How can you have a ‘worker’s uprising/revolution’ without workers?

This is why so many people ‘mis-identify’ themselves as ‘middle class’. Hell, even people on public assistance think of themselves as ‘lower-middle class’. Nobody self-identifies as ‘poor’ unless they’re being mugged…or audited.

The whole article is a treat, but if you’re pressed for time/attention span, what we have here provides the gist of the larger piece:

Shut up and let the green stuff talk

An awareness of class makes clear who is fucking whom. That's why American capitalism's official line is that we area "classless society." Denying the existence of class, deeming all Americans (excepting a few too-obvious-to-be denied cases, such as inner city blacks and the poorest of immigrants), "middle class" was one of American capitalism's great strokes of genius. It blurred the line between workers and capitalism's middle class commissariat -- the petty business, mid-management, teaching and owning class managing the rest of us for the elites. [Thanks to ‘lean management’ techniques, this ‘class’ is comprised of less than five percent of the total population...another way of looking at this is they’re ‘outnumbered’ twenty to one… The Puppet’s, puppets are of little consequence, most are pathetic wannabe, wannabe’s, tattle-tails and stooges.]

And just in case that line was not blurred enough, the bourgeoisie, particularly the academic institutions, successfully wrote the labor and the working masses out of American political history as taught in the public schools. We workers now have no continuous organic chain of memory and experience from which to draw. [Again, how do you have a ‘worker’s uprising’ if there are no workers? Equally as devastating is trying to protect the rights of labor when there are no/too few ‘laborers’.]

The owning/business class has always been institutionalized as the state and the custodians of the entire American social and political process. History as we learn it in school is the owning class' version. Despite what we were taught, America's Constitution is mainly a property rights document, and those with the most property are naturally ascendant at all times in this country. Generation after generation of this ascent was bound to lead to what we see now, the ultimate triumph of property and money. A Supreme Court that, without the slightest hesitation, [Because they are bought and paid for shills!] declares that money is speech and as such, will do most of the talking from here on out. The autonomous economy now has a tongue.

We can well imagine its future admonishments, its smug edicts, proclamations of terror afoot, more need for surveillance camera eyes, oil pipelines for its circulatory system. The autonomous economy not only has the bullhorn of the national media. It has a voice capable of drowning out what little of the people's voice remained, replacing our small national dialogue with soulless monologue. The bourgeoisie will listen closely though, for opportunity, a buck to be made in Kevlar, or perhaps the next new antidepressant for a demoralized, passive and discouraged republic. [Make no mistake about it, they’ll turn us all into zombies once they get the formula right.]

In all honesty, I am sick of thinking about it, tired of burning up unrecoverable hours at the end of my 63-year old candle writing about it. So are many of my colleagues in cybernetic left-space. [Luckily, we need not ‘pontificate’ much longer, the evil system will crash all by itself as it attempts to ‘shrink’ civilization down to a ‘more manageable’ size.]

Distance and solitude seem the only refuge. Which is why I am "aging Mexican," and almost monastically absorbed in the small daily rituals of sustenance these days. I do not kid myself that it is permanent or a real solution to the unbearable ugliness of the American condition.

But at the moment, four AM, a cricket chirps in the orange tree by my window, and my tortillas are perfectly lovely.

Naturally, there is wisdom there for those who would see it. The joy of life is in the living more so than the ‘having’. Only psychopaths want more wealth than they can use and they want it solely to deny it to others! (Yes, we have already established these people are psychopaths. It doesn’t have to make sense to you, it makes perfect sense to them!)

What is puzzling is why we tolerate these head cases to, er, hold the rest of us hostage?

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that viable alternatives to the ‘fuckjob’ perpetrated upon society by these certifiable crazy people is also ‘conspicuously absent’ from our social dialog.

Understand, ‘communism’ is capitalism masquerading as ‘the people’s government’.

Parties divide, movements unite. Which is to decry the ‘one party solution’ because it is still the vehicle where the ‘insiders’ are ‘separated’ from the ‘outsiders’…with ‘party membership’ eventually becoming ‘hereditary’.

Scratch a communist and you’ll find an ‘aristocrat’ underneath.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


Under the heading of ‘additional reading’ the question may be ‘why bother’ when the headline Personal Spending Tops Forecast; Income Lags contains such a contradiction?

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