Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tipping point

Greetings good citizen,

GM goes bust and the markets soar! What do you think is ‘wrong’ with this picture? Could the markets be ‘pleased’ that Citigroup and GM were ‘de-listed’ as Dow components today?

I received an e-mail from a good friend this morning which contained a message from Michael Moore, who gained fame from his first independent documentary, ‘Roger & Me’.

In this statement, Mr. Moore urged…um, anyone that would listen, not to dismantle/liquidate GM. He (wisely) stated that this last bastion of US ‘manufacturing might’ would better serve the public if it were converted into a source of high speed public transportation instead of the facilities being sold off piecemeal to foreign investors who would, naturally, ship the equipment off-shore.

The ‘fly’ in this particular ointment is the same one we’ve faced since the introduction of Reaganomics, ‘Merikan workers are too expensive’.

If we were to boil the entire crisis down to a sound bite, that would be it.

Tens of millions of jobs formerly done here in the US went ‘bye-bye’ under precisely this um, ‘statement of fact’.

On the ride home tonight I heard the CEO of UPS ‘defending’ globalization, citing the miracles and economic powerhouses created…by SENDING US JOBS OVERSEAS!

Make no mistake about it good citizen, every single one of those jobs came from right here! Without a US customer, none of those jobs would exist.

Please tell me good citizen, why every knuckle-headed CEO/MBA in the nation isn’t hanging by their necks from their own flagpoles right now?

Oh yeah, let’s close the circle so we understand ‘why those jobs that used to be here aren’t anymore’…because ‘Merikan workers are too expensive!’

Toyota and Nissan can’t sell cars here either…but look who went bankrupt…because ‘Merikan workers are too expensive!’

And now they’re saying the ‘center of the automotive universe’ is shifting to…wait for it!



tonight’s offering is by Doug Noland of the ‘Credit Bubble Bulletin’

If you pick through the hundred or so inches of ‘blown in insulation’ he uses, it becomes quite clear that the global capital markets are all done with the US and the US dollar.

Not that this will effect the treasonous bastards that did this to us. These people are already quite wealthy in the currency of their new ‘host nations’, the only challenge facing the traitors now is finding a ‘greater fool’ willing to buy their worthless US assets.

Are any of you ‘surprised’ that the ‘Blowing smoke up your butt’ market tacked on 246 points today? While the 246 points added to the Dow represents billions of dollars in shareowner value, it is all ‘imaginary’ the money doesn’t and never has existed.

Before anyone knew what a CDS was there were 655 Trillion DOLLARS worth of them floating around in the world’s financial markets. Now the slimy dogs say there is only 65 Trillion. Who is right? That single decimal place is one hell of an ‘error’ by anyone’s standards.

Well, good citizen, if the figure can go from the original number to ten percent of that number, what does that tell you about how ‘real’ that sum was?

What does it mean? Let’s put it another way, what do you have in your wallet? Is it what you think it is or is it ten percent of that?

Sadly, you won’t know until you try to spend it.

Worse, it CAN change without notice.

If your money isn’t worth what you think its worth it’s not the seller’s problem, it’s yours!

All money is an ‘agreed upon’ thing and all ‘value’ is ‘arbitrary’.

If you’re not afraid now, you will be!

Civilization is only nine meals deep, think about it.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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