Sunday, June 14, 2009


Greetings good citizen,

There are a few topics that piqued my interest this weekend, such as the kerfuffle over the Iranian election results…where US pundits pointed out if they had only cut the margin down to a slim few percent, it would have been enough to keep the ‘losers’ quiet.

Interesting observation to make, no?

Which brings us to a couple of other ‘observations’, such as how the Conservatives have only 20% of registered voters while Liberals regularly poll in the 50% range…yet our elections, of late, have all been ‘squeakers’.

Here’s a rhetorical question for you: Do you suppose Mr. Obama would have won if he had competed for the job using the Republican agenda he has so firmly embraced on the economy?

How would either candidate have faired if they had been compelled to present a blueprint for solving the economic crisis before ‘earning’ the Presidency?

Obviously, after eight years of tax cuts, Mr. McCain ‘failed’ to prove he had a viable, workable economic recovery plan…but he didn’t lose by a particularly large margin either.

Sadly, Mr. Obama ‘talked a better game’ but the actual results of his administration’s actions have yet to produce a positive outcome.

Back to the subject at hand, The president of Iran is a figurehead position with no real power (all real decision-making power rests in the hands of the Ayatollah and the ‘Islamic Council’.) So allowing the public to vote for this puppet serves what purpose again?

Oh yeah…it’s the same ‘exercise in futility’ that we partake of over here. It’s known as the ‘illusion of participation’.

We elect the guy (or someday, gal) that presents themself as the one to do the job…but then they don’t do it…and there isn’t a thing we can do about it.

Our ‘say’ is done so we have to wait another four years before we get another chance…which has so far produced unsurprisingly identical results.

The Guy/Gal knows what to say but they never do any of it once they are elected.

More disturbing is how every time we fall for this ‘sucker’s bet’, we end up worse off than we were.

This is not the type of game any rational, free society should be subjecting itself to.

The economy has lost millions of jobs, many of them well compensated positions and we all know the truth, NONE of them are coming back.

If you shrink the amount of money circulating within a society, there will be less for everyone.

Which brings us to the severely ‘twisted’ Stock Markets that no longer tell us anything about the economy or economic performance.

Since hitting their ‘March lows’ the stock market has gained some 35% and is finally ‘positive for the year’…but what does that really mean?

The losses suffered by your 401k ‘started’ at the 14,000 level. The fact that the markets are back up in the 8,700 range means you retirement account has revived a little over the past three months.

Like I said, jobs will not return nor will the prices that boosted stocks up to the 14,000 level EVER return in your lifetime.

Businesses will not ‘expand’ because their customer base is broke, there’s no one to sell to, so there’s no reason to hire more employees.

Worse, the, um, ‘inventory’ of highly qualified people will remain at a very high level for a real long time, reducing the ‘incentive’ to pay the qualified any more than absolutely necessary.

And in case you haven’t noticed, ‘prevailing wages’ are dropping like a rock as current employees are trading today’s income for tomorrow’s job security.

So where are those ‘green shoots’ they keep blabbing about? It’s a Chimera good citizen, so far all of the ‘green shoots are numbers that have been ‘less bad’ than ‘expected’.

Which leads us right back to the ‘tight-rope’, good citizen. If we wait long enough, eventually the ‘year over year’ numbers will ‘improve’, if only due to population growth.

Can you see the future? We need only look at Japan to see what our economy is doomed to become.

Most of us that are ‘lucky’ enough to find work will find it as ‘contractors’, where the employer pays us a salary and nothing else. Job security will be considered a luxury of the past and employers will ‘replace’ you periodically with people willing to work cheaper/longer than you…and there will be nothing illegal about this.

As Joe is fond of pointing out, this will be a return to the McKinley era, a time when the boss was king and did whatever seemed good to him. (including beating the hired help.)

If that’s not bad enough for you, we will also see the return of child labor as beleaguered and besieged communities either seriously curtail or do away with public education programs entirely.

If they can repeal Glass-Stegal then they can repeal the education act.

Which will be a bit bizarre as one in every three jobs will be ‘police/security related’ and they will ‘somehow’ find the funds to pay for that.

For all of their squawking about the Constitution, protecting your ‘liberty’ is the last thing these vultures are concerned with. Liberty is for them, not the ‘unwashed riff-raff’.

Do you think I’m being overly pessimistic?

All of these conditions existed right here in the US a little more than a hundred years ago.

The fact that it was ‘worse’ elsewhere is somehow not particularly comforting.

‘Liberty’ the ‘freedom from oppression’ is a precious thing, a thing to be guarded zealously.

History shows that only those found ‘worthy’ of liberty enjoy the freedom it provides. Both the Greeks and the Romans could not ‘conceive’ of a civilization without slavery…an idea that has ‘persisted’ to this very day among our ‘elite’.

If you weren’t born into the tyrannical system of ‘income streams’ that make the elite who they are, you are on the outside looking in.

Simply put, if you weren’t born with a trust fund, you can forget about even becoming one of them unless you were gifted with an intellect so enormous that you can create something only you understand…so it can’t be stolen from you.

Consider tonight’s post as a ‘warning’, the ‘experiment’ of social equality is drawing to a close. Battle lines are being drawn and this time there will be no offers of ‘appeasement’, this time it will be a battle to the death.

Understand that the ‘new deal’ was indeed ‘appeasement’. Starting with the Reagan Revolution, the New Deal has been systematically dismantled.

And now it’s time to see who’s going to return to bondage peacefully and who, if any, will fight for their freedom.

Let me assure you of one thing good citizen, there is no way in hell we can ‘vote’ our way out of this…we stand no more chance of that than the Iranians do.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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