Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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The ‘stupidity markets' got a good slap upside the head today when yesterday’s optimism was proven unfounded. ‘Homebuilder confidence’ was ‘mistranslated’ by analysts who failed to realize the homebuilders were ‘confident’ that things are getting worse, not better…

And the media had the chutzpah to regurgitate its new favorite phrase, surprised. Why would anyone be ‘surprised’ that housing starts are at their lowest level since 1959 when people are being foreclosed upon wholesale?

What’s so ‘surprising’ about that?

Is it any wonder news organizations are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy?

Is it surprising that the government has reached new lows in credibility?

What do you think about the government’s new emission and mileage standards for cars that will never be mass-produced because too few people can afford them?

Worse, our newly restructured auto industry will emerge from bankruptcy as a tiny shadow of what it formerly was.

It is no small ‘aside’ to contemplate what those millions of workers will do now that they’ve been made redundant through the treasonous acts of a government that failed to protect the nation’s workers…at the behest of an investor class that cares only about itself.

It should be very plain to see good citizen that commerce must serve the needs of the nation that founds it ahead of the self-interest of the scoundrels that own it.

Globalization provides no benefit to society, all benefit is reaped by the owner, at society’s expense.

Not only have these selfish bastards stolen your job but now they’re preparing to tax you for not spending enough!

Yes, good citizen, you will be forced to repay the money they are stealing from the government in your name…unless you smarten up.

On the backside tonight I listened to the BBC as is my custom. They announced that Japan’s economy has shrunk faster than it ever has since they started keeping track of such things in the 1950’s.

The ‘headline’ is repeated along with the rest and finally, we get an ‘on the scene’ reporter for the ‘whole story’. The actual number is indeed the ‘worst ever’ BUT, the reporter starts ‘waffling’ left and right…spewing nonsense like this ‘might be’ as bad as it gets, then proceeds to claim there are ‘green shoots’ in Japan as well.

We’ve heard this before with the subprime crisis, first we heard it was ‘contained’ then we were assured the ‘worst was over’ and recovery (in housing) would occur in the next quarter…and that was over two years ago! Just as the same blathering idiots are still shouting we will see a ‘turnaround’ by the second quarter in the global economy…I ask you to recall that this mess wasn’t supposed to get ‘this bad’…or so the same people told us then.

So far good citizen, the ‘Nattering Naybobs of Negativity’ have been kicking the Pervasive Pollyanna’s of Prosperity’s asses around the block!

The question lurking in the back of your mind should be ‘why aren’t things getting better?’

Well, good citizen, why aren’t things getting better? Is it because we haven’t given the banking system enough time to heal or is it because a ‘solvent’ banking system is useless when most consumers are themselves insolvent?

This brings us back to the issue of jobs that pay a living wage…did you happen to notice that all of the sectors that offer ‘above average’ wages are shrinking down to nothing?

Where do you suppose this piece of the puzzle fits into economist’s predictions that once the economy recovers (read as ‘stops shrinking’) it will be a long time before anything even remotely resembling ‘prosperity’ returns…

Well good citizen, how long do you think ‘a long time’ is? Japan is entering its third decade of poor economic performance and it’s not over yet, not by a long shot.

Is this what you want for your children good citizen?

Understand that the States are in such dire straits that we may see a repeat of what happened in the first Great Depression…the schools will shut down because the states can no longer afford to fund them.

Take a good look at what’s happening in California right now…

It’s only a matter of weeks (more than 4, less than 40) before the ‘Golden State’ collapses into chaos and troops are sent in to restore order…temporarily.

Things aren’t getting any better good citizen and you know why, it’s because they aren’t doing the right things to get the economy in ‘proper’ working order.

Each and every one of you is being treated like an expendable widget. You are being forced to sacrifice your (and your family’s) well-being for the privilege of being abused by an employer that has only their own best interests at heart.

Society or life as we have come to know it is starting to unravel. Once the pace reaches a certain velocity, the unraveling will become unstoppable.

Sadly, too few of you are willing to risk your creature comforts to put a stop to the unraveling…and that may be for the best…although the resulting war may threaten the very survival of our species.

While I wish it were otherwise, it seems there is no other way.

My advice good citizen is ‘don’t panic’. Keep your head and you may make it through to the other side.

She’s gonna blow good citizen…likely sooner than later. When she does, sit back and watch the show.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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